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RESULTS: Vic Liberal ballot final results

The formally declared results from recent Victorian Liberal State Council, naturally days after VEXNEWS had reported them.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Liberal Party of Australia (Vic Div)
Date: 31 May 2011 18:00
Subject: State Council AGM
To: Sophie Mirabella

Results of 2011/2012 Elections
152nd State Council
Elected 28 May 2011

President* Tony Snell
Treasurer* Andrew Abercrombie
Vice President Metropolitan Male* Ross Fox
Vice President Metropolitan Female* Dr Sandra Mercer Moore AM
Vice President Country Male Peter McWilliam
Vice President Country Female Norma Wells

Administrative Committee 2011/2012
Elected 28 May 2011

Daniel Bevan
Greg Hannan

Caroline Elliott
Jane Hume

Chris Earl
John Gault

Robyn Cox
Samantha McIntosh

Agenda Committee 2011/2012
Elected 28 May 2011
Nicholas Demiris

Kaye Farrow

Rod Nockles

Samantha McIntosh

State Assembly Through State Council 2011/1012
Elected 29 May 2011

Scott Pearce
Tim Wilson
Samli Ozturk
Andrew Bell
Simon Kroger
Tim Smith
Con Frantzeskos
Ian Quick
John Nguyen
Bradley Rowswell
Ben Coleman
Christopher Koch
Julian Barendse
Wajde Assaf
Simon Wilson

Cate Dealehr
Susie Bartlett
Chantalle Abou-Haila
Felicity Giles
Hanife Bushby
Georgia Letten
Jemma Townson
Sally Carrick
Isabella Cicchiello
Rebecca Gauci
Lydia Bevege
Holly Byrne
Susan Turner
Jenny Mulholland
Jeanne Wheeler

John Renyard
Peter Angelico
Angelo Kakouros
Florian Andrighetto
Rohan Millar
Rodney Nockles
Courtney Dixon
Matt Makin
Bruce McClure
John Shipp
Dean Bushell
William Kenny
Martin Ireland
John Van Beveren
Liam Barry

Sarah Henderson
Michelle Challis
Mary Aldred
Noni Bartlett
Robyne Head
Narelle Earl
Ann Bitans
Voi Williams
Vicki Coltman
Amanda Millar
Virginia Wallace
Helen Leach
Charley Daniel
Fiona Ogilvy-O’Donnell
Amanda Campbell
* (no ballot necessary – declared elected)

Damien Mantach
Returning Officer
State Director


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  1. Does Sophie make a habit of keeping you in the loop with all Liberal Party matters Andy?

    Posted by Larry Longprong | June 1, 2011, 17:01
  2. Gee we had a good night in old parliament tonight. Another of our ladies went missing. This one wasn’t missing her briefs but was tending to her hair. Serious matters of state obviously!

    Posted by delicious lusty | June 2, 2011, 1:20
  3. Good to see Mad Ken’s daughter elected to State Assembly.

    Posted by Joy | June 2, 2011, 23:54
  4. Vexnews – you are asleep on the job! The Reith v Stockdale fight is prime time politics.

    In the blue corner: Alan Stockdale, the lap-dog of Chairman Jeff, supposedly a right-wing hero linked to the theoretician David Kemp.

    In the red corner: Peter Reith, champion of the League of Rights Citizen Initiated Referenda and people power, a “whatever it takes” warrior that makes Richo look wimpy.

    Stockers – the gutless wonder left in the role of shadow treasurer before the 1992 election who sucked every bit of knowledge from Robert Clark to appear a great reforming treasurer. Stockers didn’t once stand up to that charlatan Jeff who rorted everything in his grasp and screwed the organisational wing of the party over by imposing his own candidates like the sonambulant Asher into Stocker’s own seat of Brighton. Along with that idiot Birrell and that drunk D2, Stockers is to blame for the 1999 defeat.

    Reith – wily Howard’s counterploy for the overly ambitious Costello, the man responsible with his 1982 by-election victory for the demise of Hayden, a 1983 Hawke loser who returned post-redistribution to Flinders where retired ex-small-business nutters wax on about conspiracy theories until they shuffle off. The man who compromised everything to get workplace reform which increased regulation through the Kernot Workplace Act and introduced the most onerous regulatory and reporting regime with penalties still in place under Gillard’s “Fair” Work Act that have bankrupted small businesses.

    Reith will be the storm-trooping reformer, morphing the Liberal Party into a Tea Party look-alike.

    Stockdale will be the slow death merchant – allowing large business interest groups and leaders to shape the party into something completely foreign to Menzies vision of a broad-based community party beholden to no one.

    What a great choice!

    Posted by Semper Rectus | June 15, 2011, 10:43