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MORE ON THE MADDY: Diane Anderson’s brother lifts the lid on her life of crime

dianeandersonfraud VEXNEWS Investigators have uncovered another stunning new chapter in the Diane Anderson elder abuse scandal.

Her brother has stepped forward, making sensational claims about Diane, once an operative in the ALP who enjoyed the support of its Socialist Left faction, former Premiers John Cain, Joan Kirner and then Senator Barney Cooney.

David Carl Anderson’s website was largely intended to rebut claims made on Diane’s website, that includes first person claimed testimony from a cat that appears to have been written by Diane in a fit of rage.

Diane Anderson stands accused by her brother, an eminent lawyer and judicial candidate, of:

â–  Having “untreated mental health issues” and a “pathological hatred” of her brother, a respected member of the community and his sister, a Michigan judge;

â–  Committing acts of burglary and illegal entry that were reported to local Police, see Police reports here [pdf] and here [pdf].;

â–  Regularly and blatantly perjuring herself in court;

â–  Defrauding her mother of her retirement savings through misappropriation of many tens of thousands of dollars and systematically draining her mother of money to support her over twenty years for funds to purchase “clothing and books”;

â–  Allowing her frail and vulnerable mum to be injured while she was “blogging with her Labor comrades” in Australia when her mum was meant to be under her supervision;

â–  Being a student radical including with the militant and violent sect Students for a Democratic Society;

â–  Being “heavily involved with the drug culture” while at University in the late 1960s (LSD has much to answer for);

â–  Being “chronically unemployable”;

â–  Having a fraught personal life, upon which we’d rather not elaborate on here, as a responsible and high-minded publisher;

â–  Being a “pariah in Australian society”; and

â–  Being sent to jail for contempt of court and being sanctioned with thousands of dollars in penalties for filing vexatious and harassing law suits in the United States.

The cat we wrote about last week was also not spared in Diane’s brother’s catalogue of accusations. The eminent lawyer explained the much-quoted cat “Toupee” was almost as vicious as Diane herself:

viciouscat On at least two (2) different occasions, Diane Anderson allowed Jewell Anderson’s cat to bite her, causing significant lacerations to Jewell Anderson’s legs.  During the second biting of Jewell Anderson by her cat, Jewell Anderson had a serious infection of her wound, which Diane Anderson allowed to go untreated and resulted in a need for medical intervention and significant doses of antibiotics.

The cat has been silent about these claims on Diane’s website, possibly on the advice of counsel.

It gets worse though, and this shocking story certainly explains why Diane’s distressed siblings were so worried:

Again while Diane Anderson was down in the basement using Jewell Anderson’s computer, she allowed Jewell Anderson to take a bath, unattended, and when Jewell Anderson attempted to exit the bathtub, Jewell Anderson lost her balance and fell between the bathtub and the toilet commode, and was wedged in this area for a two (2) hour period, while Diane Anderson ignored her pleas for help.  When questioned regarding how she could have allowed these injury events to occur while being with Jewell Anderson twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, Diane Anderson simply shrugged her shoulders and said, “Old people get hurt.”

The voice of compassion didn’t seem to have much at all. And her brother – who knows the “con artist” well – explains her philosophy that many Victorian ALP members saw in action over a decade or so:


Since being a little girl until the present, Diane Anderson has been a person who demands to get things her way, or else she ridicules, disparages, and hurts anyone that stands in the way of her objective. 

While living in Australia, Diane Anderson violated the precepts of the Melbourne Unitarian Church.  In addition to violating the tenants of the Melbourne Unitarian Church, Diane Anderson also treated her fellow church members in a totally disrespectful fashion, and attempted to get her way regarding disputed issues between she and the church members by using the same bullying, disparaging, and hurtful tactics she has used in her false elder abuse campaign against David Anderson and Martha Anderson. 

The informed and strong people of Australia finally could not put up anymore with Diane Anderson’s above-said tactics, and she was excommunicated from the Melbourne Unitarian Church and ostracized from the Australian community.  Thoroughly chastised by the Australian citizenry, Diane Anderson returned to the United States an extremely bitter person with no friends to her name.

Excellent Socialist Lefistas Joan Kirner, John Cain, Rolf Sorensen and the cackling Margot Carroll might still count Diane Anderson as a friend, but in light of the above, it seems not unreasonable for them to question any previous political association. The Socialist Left – and people like Dean Mighell – were willing to take Anderson’s vote at ALP State Conferences as late as 2006, as she would repeatedly accuse every Labor leader and every Labor government of selling out, being Liberal stooges or whatever madness spewed out of her mouth at the time. Perhaps they have evolved to the point where they will be a little more discerning in future.


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  1. Diane is a hoon. Why did the ALP ever put up with her?

    Posted by Anonymous | March 23, 2009, 18:42
  2. Diane Anderson was once a barrister without briefs. Not the underwear kind (I have no idea whether or not she wears knickers) but the cases solicitors give to barristers that keeps them employed. Diane was too mad to engage.

    Posted by Anonymous | March 23, 2009, 18:43
  3. Diane objects to elder abuse. Diane herself was very good at abusing both Steve Bracks and John Brumby. She took the ALP to court twice in the early 2000s. She also took the Unitarian Church to court several times. She’s a very litigious lady. Let’s hope her barristers got paid.

    Posted by Anonymous | March 23, 2009, 20:51
  4. she should stick to self-abuse and not feline or elder abuse

    Posted by Toupee | March 23, 2009, 22:00
  5. May email from Diane Anderson to Higgins FEA

    Dear Higgins Member:

    The attachment is the May Higgins News. It was delayed following a close encounter of the cat kind on the stairs at night resulting in a tumble and a severely sprained wrist.

    Diane Anderson

    Posted by Toupee | March 23, 2009, 22:36

    Diane Anderson – Tooronga ALP

    2008 marks the 32nd year of my ALP membership. I have been an activist member from the start. I have served on the Admin Committee, the state and local POSC, myriad policy committees, the Higgins FEA Executive, and from 1979-2006, on the Tooronga (Camberwell/Malvern) Branch Executive. I have not been a seat warmer on any of these bodies. I have done all of this without ever joining a faction.

    For 20 years I served as a delegate to the State Conference, for most of that time the only non-faction delegate. I arrived early and stayed for the duration of Conference. I always read the materials in advance. I was briefed by community groups as well as Party members and spoke on their behalf. In the name of democratic practice, the SL agreed to second my Motions meaning that important issues such as the debacle of our privatised energy industry could be aired. My non-faction status meant that I could critique all matters without fear of censorship.

    In 2004, I agreed to become my Mother’s caregiver following her diagnosis of early Alzheimer’s Disease affecting her short-term memory. I was able to travel between Michigan and Australia, sometimes with Mother and sometimes alone. While I could not attend night time functions any more, I could participate as a Conference delegate.

    In late October 2007, Mother was hospitalised with a life threatening condition unrelated to her Alzheimer’s. I slept on a chair by her bed the entire time she was in hospital acting as an unofficial nurse’s aide. Upon discharge, Mum went to a rehab facility for three months. I was constantly at her side at the rehab centre. With the physical therapists, I helped design a physical therapy programme for Mum and then did all of the PT as her unofficial therapist under the scrutiny of the PTs. It has thus been a physically and emotionally draining time.

    The change in Mother’s physical health has meant that I have been unable to continue my regular travels between Michigan and Australia since her October hospitalisation. I thus had decided not to stand for re-election as an FEA State Conference delegate until I was asked to do so by individuals in the Higgins FEA concerned about the antics of the Labor Unity Faction in Higgins.

    I do not have a history of giving an undertaking to do a particular job and then not doing it. I did miss the State Conference held
    in early 2007 (that was actually the Spring 2006 State Conference; there were no 2007 State Conferences held in violation of the Victorian ALP Constitution). My failure to attend was due to the unexpected death of my brother Bruce three days after his 56th birthday. I don’t apologise for putting family concerns ahead of attending that Conference, especially as it was not held at the scheduled time anyway and did not meet for even a full day.

    I should not have agreed to run in FEA elections, this year, however. Another crisis involving Mum arose when I should have been in Australia campaigning. Instead, family matters meant that I had to run dead in the water at a time when LU apparatchiks had encouraged relatives who had never been concerned enough to join the ALP to suddenly sigh up and vote for LU. Not being in Australia meant that I could not meet new members. The best I was able to do was to make a handful of phone calls to some long time supporters.

    It was from those long time supporters that I learned the games that LU had been up to. Some of my supporters had been told that I was never returning to Australia, that my Mother was dead, that I was not even running, etc.

    While such tactics are despicable, it was nevertheless my responsibility to either run a genuine campaign or get out of the race. Instead, I did not even contact all of the people who traditionally vote for me. I failed to get across to the non-faction voters the importance of voting a straight ticket rather than splitting votes. In so doing, I let down the other people who had stood as non-faction candidates as well as the people who have voted for me over the years. While my duties to Mum have been time consuming, they do not excuse my failure to honour my commitment to the non-faction members to run as a genuine rather than as a paper candidate.

    I don’t know what the future will bring because of the uncertainty of family matters in the USA. I can assure the non-faction members that if circumstances allow me to run as a candidate in the 2009 FEA Elections, I will run as a genuine candidate with a proper campaign. In the meantime, I thank those people who have supported me over the years for allowing Higgins to be an FEA in which a non-faction voice was heard on the floor of Conference. I don’t take you for granted and I treasure your friendship and the courage you have shown in promoting uncensored debate within the ALP.

    Posted by Diane Anderson | March 23, 2009, 22:41
  7. Who could forget this article from Higgins News August 2007

    Diane Anderson – Tooronga ALP

    After perusing the previous articles, I believe the time has come to give Higgins members an update on the enforcement of the Rules in the Victorian ALP. In 2000, in accordance with Victorian Party Rules, I filed a charge against the then Premier Steve Bracks. My charge is that Bracks broke Party Rules which are binding on all Party members when he used his factional numbers at ALP State Conference to ram through an endorsement of the running of the Grand Prix in Albert Park.

    In the ALP, policy has traditionally been made from the bottom up. The politicians have input into policy development through their local branches, through the policy committees and ultimately through State Conference. Unlike the Liberals, they don’t make policy by themselves in isolation from the Party organisation.

    The running of the Grand Prix in Albert Park violates 7 major areas of State Conference endorsed policy. If Steve wanted to endorse the Race in the Park, under the Rules he first had to consult with all of the relevant policy committees affected by that decision. He had to either convince the policy committee members to change the policies, hardly likely as these were all excellent policies with wide support throughout the Party, or else Steve could have acknowledged the harm the Race does to these policies and subsequently to the broader community and asked for an exemption. Steve chose to ignore both of these options. Instead, he chose to bypass the policy committees and used his factional mates at State Conference to support the Race in Albert Park.

    The rule of law is the glue which holds representative democracies together. It used to be the glue that held the ALP together as well. I believe the rule of law within the ALP is a principle worth fighting for, and thus I charged the Premier with a breach of the Rules.

    For 7 years, Steve’s factional mates on the old Disputes Tribunal refused to hear the matter despite giving assurances that they would do so and despite taking and never returning my $100 deposit. (They have done the same thing with my money from another charge relating to the behaviour of the former Premier) When the Old Disputes Tribunal was abolished, the charge against Steve was put in the too hard box never to see the light of day again. The message sent by the LU faction heavies is clear: Conference determined policy is binding on the rank and file but not on the exalted politicians. Ditto the Rules. We now officially have two classes of ALP membership: the politicians/faction heavies and everybody else. Is it any wonder that ALP members and people in the wider community now refer to the ALP as the Alternative Liberal Party?

    Posted by Diane Anderson | March 23, 2009, 22:54
  8. Stop your carping Diane. We need positive policies for a change.

    Posted by Anonymous | March 24, 2009, 1:52
  9. In the US Diane comes from a family of Republicans. She told the Unitarian Church once her mother voted for Ike over the Unitarian Stevenson. It would make sense if Diane ever returns from America for her to join the Liberal Party.

    Posted by Anonymous | March 24, 2009, 13:07
  10. Do you think the Liberal Party would have her?

    Posted by Anonymous | March 24, 2009, 13:08
  11. She fooled Jeff Kennett once. He was going to make her his campaign director when he ran for Lord Mayor of Melbourne. It was comments on Vexnews that forced him to change his mind. It was the Vexnews exposure of Diane that told Kennett how much of a mental case she was.

    Posted by Anonymous | March 24, 2009, 13:10
  12. you right wingers, attorneys and cats are all the same.

    Posted by Diane Anderson | March 24, 2009, 23:19
  13. A slight amendment to my 2008 article. I did try to join the socialist left but they would not let me – in stead, the deal was that rolf would be allowed to join and that they would receive my support at state conferences.

    Unfortunatly, I did not win last years because of those rightwingers. However, rolf still remains a member of the SL and does my bidding. he is a very loyal and trusted lieutenant. Next to my Barry, I trust him the most, then comes my Margot. Note Margot did vote socialist left when she was my proxy last year when I was too busy in america sorting out mom’s financial and health issues no thanks to my right winger and attorney brother. who can beleive it he is even worse than race mathews.but only just.

    Posted by Diane Anderson | March 24, 2009, 23:25
  14. Why oh why oh why doesn’t anyone take notice of me? any more.

    Posted by Diane Anderson | March 27, 2009, 12:08