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ANOTHER TWIT: LNP young buck Keegan Sard urges violence against Qantas unionists

Why is it that those with the loudest ultra-conservative rhetoric can often be found in the relatively safe confines of the public service they claim to despise? We explore the mystery of those who fail to be the change they seek while reviewing the tweets of a young LNP activist and Queensland Public Works junior bureaucrat who urged the public to "bash" Qantas unionists.

THE AGE OF RAGE: Biffing, Bali baiting, bowing and chocolate royals

The Age is up to its typically mendacious worst today, speculating about acts of biffery at western suburban ALP branch meetings that couldn’t possibly be true. If true, some fear they could lead to internal disciplinary action of the kind …

THEIR MAN IN RWANDA: Greens taken in by African scammer

A self-styled "Greens party" leader in Rwanda - known for his greed and homophobia - is visiting Perth during CHOGM to throw muck at the Rwandan government, which has been a remarkable success-story after the horrors there in the 1990s. Naturally, the clueless Australian Greens are all over the notorious scammer like a rash.

DARKNESS WITHIN: Neo-Nazi conspiracy theorists at the heart of Occupy Melbourne protest

One of the key organisers of the Occupy Melbourne protest is a devotee of a bizarre anti-Semitic, Neo-Nazi conspiracy theorist, David Icke.

STORK CIRCLES CFMEU: John Setka’s cunning plan to avoid nappy-changing

JohnsetkaVEXNEWS is delighted to be able to reveal that the CFMEU Construction firebrand power-couple John Setka and former work-colleague turned Slater & Gordon lawyer and aspiring parliamentary bomb-thrower Emma Walters are going to have a baby.

Baby-daddy-prospect Setka faces charges …

SECRET HISTORY: Senator Rhiannon tries to airbrush out the Soviet shame from her CV

Senator Lee Rhiannon is usually more boastful than a Kennedy Room full of staffers, yet it seems she left graduation from the Soviet dictatorship's infamous "Lenin School" off her resumé.

DOUBLE TROUBLE: Australia could have two elections within six months

If the Coalition wins the next election, and Labor blocks their attempt to repeal the carbon tax, we'll probably have another federal election within six months of the change of government. We're in for a wild ride.

CIRCLE OF JERK: ABCC boss Leigh Johns supported the same weird Labor faction that gets support from the CFMEU Construction division he denounces as “thugs”

The boss of the Australian Building & Construction Commission Leigh Johns has taken a slap at the CFMEU Construction division, suggesting they ought to "denounce thuggery." We denounce them both.

HUMBUG ZONE: Greens party enthusiasm for eco-tourism is purely theoretical

While it has some stiff competition there can be no doubt that The Age’s “The Zone” is the biggest wank in Australian journalism.


Michael Short’s effort today was not unusually bad, just typical.


The interview is about eco-tourism, drawing out …

FIRST WITH THE WORST: VEXNEWS sometimes licked, seldom scooped, never beaten

We enjoyed one of our Press Gallery favourites Samantha Maiden going the biff on Sunday Ager Michael Bachelard today on twitter.

Bachelard, from from his triumphant takedown of Sophie Mirabella that made a nation wince for its downright scissor-kick-to-the-head qualities, …


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