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THE CHILLING TRUTH: Ralph Blewitt raped his sister

Ralph Blewitt, the main accuser attacking the PM in an embezzlement conspiracy theory that has attracted substantial media interest, has himself been accused by his sister of raping her when she was a child, in an interview that was partly broadcast but sanitised for defamation reasons by the Seven Network. It is probably best for everyone the sex predator has fled back to Malaysia.

A CASEY OF HATE: Local councillor Sam Aziz attacks Islam and invites fiery preacher Danny Nalliah to address council

Sam Aziz, a local councillor in Melbourne's notorious Casey council, has told journalists that Islam is horrifying and appears to have pre-judged his opposition to proposals for a mosque. He's also trying to liven up the occasionally Fight Club style theatrics of the Kath 'n' Kim council with a shock plan to invite anti-Muslim fanatic preacher Danny Nalliah to address the council. What could possibly go wrong?

Andrew Wilkie thinks everyone else in Canberra is corrupt #auspol

When the ALP and Libs in Tasmania are contemplating whether to give preferences to Andrew Wilkie should he run again in Denison, we hope they note this outrageous speech given by the “independent” politician. He is a sleazebag.

NO-NAME: Stat dec accusing PM of getting $5K cash was illegally sworn by anono-lawyer

In all the excitement for hunting down the imagined criminal past of the Prime Minister, it appears laws may have been broken. Tsk. Tsk.

WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS? Both sides of politics have had a gutful of Victoria’s shonk Ombudsman

Victoria's discredited Ombudsman George Brouwer is playing politics again, this time writing a letter to Premier Ted Baillieu and leaking it prior to the Premier even being able to reply. Is this reasonable conduct for a supposedly politically independent statutory officer of the Parliament? He really is a disgrace.

BOWEN STANDS UP: Labor’s Immigration minister wins applause from across aisle

Chris Bowen is doing a much better job than his predecessors, argues Nick Mack, despite the disapproval of Press Gallery know-alls and lefty human rights militants argues Nick Mack.

The polls mislead, Abbott will still romp home says Gerard Henderson #auspol

Because the Coalition is still comfortably in front in areas where it could win lots of seats from Labor, for example in western Sydney, they are still looking good to comfortably win the next election, says Gerard Henderson.

BESTIES: Age editor fails to disclose friendship with key player in Gillard embezzlement tale

The Age holds itself out as a champion of ethics, transparency, disclosure and accountability in others. Sadly, it appears less inclined to walk the talk when it comes to its own conduct.

SHOWER-SCENE PSYCHO EXPOSED: Dirty old perv Ralph Blewitt cannot wash away his filthy past

Relying on Ralph Blewitt as an authoritative source on anything is looking less sensible by the day. VEXNEWS can now reveal the sordid reason why his ex-wife loathes him: she caught him watching his teenage step-daughter in the shower.

HAMAS FINDS A FIEND: ACT union rabble-rouser Kim Sattler denounces Abbott as “raving Zionist”

ACT Uinions boss and riot-initiator Kim Sattler seems to think "Zionist" is an insult. We have a few insults for her.


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