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WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS? Both sides of politics have had a gutful of Victoria’s shonk Ombudsman

OmbudsmanThe discredited and increasingly desperate Victorian Ombudsman George Brouwer continues to shock and amaze by his willingness to play politics over long-overdue changes to the legislation under which he operates.

The lefty John Cain-linked know-all has written an excoriating public attack on the government whining that it failed to fully appreciate his wisdom and brilliance. His principal complaint is the “reduced status” of his office. He immodestly claims to be the state’s leading expert on his own powers and expresses incredulity that his own views were not heeded on measures designed to ensure he complies with the letter and spirit of the rule of law and legal rights that have underpinned the British system of justice for centuries and therefore our own.

His letter to the Premier, which he leaked to Baillieu’s political opponents, the Age newspaper and ABC, fails to make mention of the rising tide of misconduct scandal that has engulfed the Ombudsman’s office under Brouwer and his thuggish 2IC, John Taylor, the father of ABC reporter Josie Taylor.

VEXNEWS has been able to obtain a copy of Brouwer’s letter also, demonstrating the inappropriate nature of his propagandising and meddling in political affairs. It has been in wide circulation in political circles this morning, a desired outcome by Brouwer that reflects how vulgar his political manipulations have become despite holding a supposedly independent statutory office of the Parliament that is meant to be above politics. He isn’t above politics at all, he is a jealous guardian of his power and gets very thuggish indeed when anyone comes close to imposing checks and balances on him.

His odious deputy, John Taylor is well-known around Melbourne for making threatening and intimidating remarks to journalists. He is considered in Melbourne political circles as the junkyard dog of the Ombudsman’s gang.

Brouwer’s employee, Lachlan McCulloch, is a former drug squad under-cover cop who wrote three volumes of “true crime” memoirs that are classified as non-fiction in the State Library of Victoria and admit a crime-spree of the most worrying kind by the Police officer. Despite multiple complaints, Brouwer has failed to act on this discredited thug, previously accused of racism in the now infamous Brimbank investigation.

The Ombudsman, under Brouwer, has a long-established history of writing clueless, error-riddled and savagely scathing reports on usually politically-involved targets of investigation that – because of their deficiencies and lack of reason – never go anywhere.

Their report on Brimbank got the council sacked, earned multiple front-pages and lead TV stories, but did not lead to a single criminal prosecution, a single lawsuit or even official reprimand by any responsible agency. It slagged a few people off, despite spending multiple millions of taxpayer dollars, but led nowhere.

The Ombudsman’s discomfort at the prospect of being held accountable in even the modest ways proposed by the government’s legislation reveals a great deal about how they’ve acted in the past. They have a great deal to hide.

Both sides of state politics have been gravely worried about the misconduct of Brouwer and many of the Ombudsman’s staff.

While Labor’s Jill Hennessy, the shadow minister responsible for the anti-corruption measures, has been trying to rough up the government on occasion on the issue of IBAC and the unsteady progress of the legislation, the reality is that there is a consensus in Spring Street that the Ombudsman’s office is an unaccountable, dangerous and amateurish monster that needs to operate in a far more professional and respectable manner going forward. Minister Andrew McIntosh has taken measures that no serious and credible person could fault because they ensure that agencies given coercive powers that diminish the legal rights of citizens are themselves capable of being properly scrutinised without the Ombudsman’s victims having to embark on expensive litigation.

Many believe scrutiny by an Inspectorate and a parliamentary committee could lead to serious legal trouble for some of the more odious members of Brouwer’s crew, McCulloch in particular.

VEXNEWS is aware of a number of people who were falsely besmirched by the Ombudsman in past reports like Brimbank who are preparing lengthy and well-researched complaints about their misconduct and are just waiting for the new oversight provisions to be enacted before they proceed.

The odium over all this is almost certain to imperil Deputy Ombudsman John Taylor’s push to succeed Brouwer in the $400K per annum job as Ombudsman. Taylor has been off-the-record campaigning and improperly lobbying for this position with a number of journalists, particularly at The Age and ABC, where his flame-haired lefty daughter works.

No wonder Brouwer and his gang are so worried about checks and balances operating on his disgraceful activities. Their day of judgment looms. George Brouwer squealing like a stuck pig about is just icing on the delicious cake of justice.


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  1. Contrary to the allegations contained in this article I think George Brouwer performed the tasks of Ombudsman comparatively well. Showing integrity and independence. Whatever happens to George in the future, history will show he did a substantial amount of good during his term of office.

    The Office of Ombudsman plays a significant and important role in our system of democracy. Any steps to undermine or detract from the office places at risk a very important pillar in government accountability.

    It is a pity and a shame that the Office of the Ombudsman is denied the right to review and monitor the activities of the State Electoral commission. A body that is beyond review and accountable only to the parliament.

    Unlike parliamentary reviews the Office of the Ombudsman is beyond party politics and is capable of investigating in detail issues that a parliamentary committee is unable or unwilling to address.

    If anything the powers and responsibilities of the the Ombudsman should be strengthened not weakened

    Posted by Melbcity | November 27, 2012, 11:07
  2. George needs a new job.

    Posted by voice of reason | November 27, 2012, 11:10
  3. George Brouwer does not reimburse his personal phone calls. He is corrupt.

    Posted by Flied Lice | November 27, 2012, 14:33
  4. Melbcity are you George Brouwer, otherwise you have been smoking camel dung.

    This Ombudsman is an arrogant turd who has destroyed lives with his Gestapo like work. I have been on the receiving end of his Star Chamber interrogation and as with many others there was no substantiation to his allegations.

    Time he moved on and his office was tossed.

    Posted by Digger | November 27, 2012, 17:18
  5. ETU VIC looking for new state sec interested George.

    Posted by jimmy | November 27, 2012, 21:04
  6. The Ombudsman has done some pretty good work and some shockingly appalling investigations.

    It is easy to attack the incumbent but the office needs to be protected.

    His point about the anti-corruption commission having too high a bar for investigations is correct.

    Posted by Giuseppe De Simone | November 28, 2012, 0:47
  7. Giuseppe De Simone you are correct. The anti-corruption commission can not investigate misconduct and other administrative flaws where the office of the Ombudsman is able to do so. The Ombudsman plays an important role in holding government and administration to account. It’s authority needs to be expanded to include investigation of misuse and abuse of departments such as the Victorian Electoral Commission and its expenditure of 35 Million dollars in developing software.

    Posted by Melbcity | November 28, 2012, 12:10
  8. The Ombudsman promotes excellence in public administration in Victoria and seeks to ensure the highest possible standards of public sector service delivery to all Victorians. The Ombudsman enquires into or investigates administrative actions taken by a Government department or public statutory body or by any member of staff of a municipal council. The office also has some important functions aimed at ensuring compliance by state entities with certain specified Victorian legislation such as the Whistleblowers Protection Act 2001, Freedom of Information Act 1982 and the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006.

    The Ombudsman is independent and impartial and provides a free service.

    Posted by OmbudsmanVic | November 28, 2012, 13:21
  9. Just sack the fucker. Grow some balls Ted and take some decisive action for once in your Premiership!

    Posted by Sack em | November 28, 2012, 17:16
  10. Melbcity, you are George Brouwer, or at least an arrogant and ignorant turd like him. And OmbudsmanVic, George can get phoned by a so-called “WhistleBlower” and then run an investigation into the accused, without allowing them legal representation and the basic human right of facing their attacker. You can be called to give evidence and are compelled to attend, sworn to secrecy and advised to tell your employer lies about where you are. Remind you of your Gestapo former life Melbcity.

    Posted by Digger | November 28, 2012, 17:24
  11. The Ombudsman is like a fly on a hot summer day…. Serves no real purpose, just buzzes around landing you and getting in the way…..qudos to Ted for ensuring The Ombudsman is now accountable for his conduct… I trust IBAC will have his office high on the list for investigation.

    Posted by Time for a change | November 29, 2012, 20:58
  12. Brouwer was told to his face about assault and corruption from sth melb cop shop.He was also given names of a brimbank inspector (now), sgt then, who deliberately smashed a head into a desk counter face down, and allowed the assault of same, by two other cops.One used a baton on that person who was handcuffed,hands behind the persons back, the other karate kicked same in the head from behind.He was too much a coward to confront this cop who is still serving and at the time protected by his uncle at sth melb a sgt.Brouwer is stupid, corrupt or a freemason told to do only what he is told!
    I dont squib or sqeal but this assault by this clown now at brimbank who is a hypocrite refer the web.. his praise from two stupid (western) vic uni lecturers who have absolutely no idea what a hypocrite he is.He will have to resign as a sgt on a sgts pay or else I will give him back exactly what he cowardly dished out..he knows its coming……

    Posted by articles of war | December 3, 2012, 11:53
  13. Government departments and ministers hate the Ombudsmen. However its from Ombudsmen reports that underfunded Gov bodies get significant funding were there are no significant vote gains to be had for pollies.

    Posted by Mysterious and wise | December 8, 2012, 6:16
  14. John cain linked? He hates Cain.

    Posted by Nyall Hopman | December 15, 2012, 9:35


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