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TAXING CREDULITY: Greensparty wants rich to pay more tax except for their mates

The Greensparty says it wants the highest income-earning Australians to pay more tax but in light of their recent decision to ditch - or at least cloak - all controversial policy decisions, many will be questioning the sincerity of their pronouncements. Certainly, their position on whether multi-billion-dollar gambling syndicate operator David Walsh should be paying any tax at all will leave many thinking they are having a lend.

REVEALING: Canberra Press Gallery says carbon tax is best achievement of 2012

A confidential survey of the views of the Canberra Press Gallery is quite revealing that it might not be quite as representative of the community as we would hope. They love the carbon tax, think the PM's War on Misogyny is a winner and that three best parliamentary performers in Australia all hail from Labor's Left. Mmm...

CHILLING: Russia is run by criminals

What has Russia become?

Its treatment of whistleblower lawyer Sergei Magnitsky reveals a lot about how powerful organised criminal elements in Russia are. He revealed a multi-million dollar elaborate tax scam and was charged with offences as if he’d perpetrated

DESPERATE: Greensparty leaders ditch “values” in desperate pitch for popularity

Support for the Australian Greensparty is at its lowest point in years, so their unpopular leader Christine Milne is boasting up big about how they've ditched their unpopular policies. Will it work?

It’s Merry Christmas, Not Happy Christmas (if you’re a boozer)

SantaDrunkIf you’re a boozer, it’s “Merry Christmas,” not “Happy Christmas”:

Queen Elizabeth II wishes British subjects a “Happy Christmas” in her annual Christmas broadcasts, and the phrase enjoys a broad general currency the U.K., where it vies more or less

KFC Christmas joy hits Japan

Merry Christmas to all VEXNEWS-reading patriots. In Japan, patriotic fervour reaches fever-pitch on this day as families order KFC – three months in advance – to ensure they celebrate in the right way.

Brothers 4 Life crime gang bosses drive Mercedes, run drugs, protection rackets & anti-US protests

A crime gang from Sydney’s west drives around in Mercedes Benzes while engaged in murders, drive-by shootings, drug trafficking, protection rackets and participating in anti-US riots. Their logo is two crossed AK47 machine guns.

Apple’s switch to HTTPS thwarts Chinese censors

By switching to a secure protocol HTTPS for its App Store, Apple has circumvented China’s online censorship. For now.

Lakemba mosque’s Christmas Grinch fatwa shocks Muslim community

An extremist imam at the Lakemba Mosque has issued a fatwa against Christmas, advising worshippers it is a “sin” for them to even wish people ‘Merry Christmas’

Other Lebanese Muslim community leaders are not so sure, including Keysar Trad who …

Stalin’s back in town

In a village in Georgia, locals have installed a statue to honour the viciously murderous Soviet dictator Stalin..…


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