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HELL HATH NO FURY: Adele Carles dobs in ex-lover Troy Buswell for drunkenly “dry-humping” Perth millionaire

Just in time for Christmas, the ex Greensparty MP Adele Carles who shagged WA Liberal minister Troy Buswell - in a most unlikely coupling - is starting to blab about the dirty deets of their indecent liaison to Perth political scribes. Hilarity has ensued.

ON THE JOB: WA Treasurer Troy Buswell sniffing around for love in the office

WA Treasurer Troy Buswell was given his marching orders earlier in the year by his ex-lover former Greens party MP Adele Carles because she suspected him of cheating on her. Gasp. With someone on his staff Don Draper style. Gasp again. We explore these issues with sensitivity for all and somehow tie it back to the Melbourne by-election that the Greens say is as good as won.

TROY BUSWELL: WA Treasurer admits stealing public resources to pay for his private sex-romps with Greens MP Adele Carles

WA Liberal Treasurer Troy Buswell has admitted using his taxpayer funded ministerial car and taxpayer funded hotel rooms to facilitate his liaisons with Greens political party MP Adele Carles.

TAINTED LOVE: VEXNEWS scoops all as WA Greens MP Adele Carles admits love affair with Liberal Treasurer Troy Buswell

A month ago, VEXNEWS revealed that a WA Greens party politician Adele Carles was having a "close personal relationship" with Liberal Treasurer and notorious chair-sniffer Troy Buswell. Initially she denied the VEXNEWS report as lies from her political enemies. Now she has come clean about her tainted love.

TROY BOY: Labor website attacks Buswell party animal

WA Shadow Treasurer Troy Buswell is still being slagged despite giving up the Liberal leadership.

And is still being cruelly mocked of his infamous chair sniffing incident and other exploits.

SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY: First it was Buswell & Carles, now WA Greensparty shows Liberals How-To-Vote lerv

Despite pretending to be a party of principle, the Greensparty in WA have been caught out in what their supporters and Labor critics see as a sleazy preference swap with their supposed conservative adversaries. How many Greensparty voters will actually follow a How-To-Vote card that preferences Liberal will be interesting to watch but in any event, it is all enough to remind us of one of VEXNEWS biggest yarns when we exposed the indecent liaison between then Greensparty MP Adele Carles and heavy-hitting Liberal, then WA Treasurer Troy Buswell. Good times...

BUSWELL CARLES SAGA: Perth has at least one honest journo who’ll give credit where it’s due

Troy Buswell and Adele Carles dishonestly used taxpayer resources for romantic getaways. And it appears they fibbed to the spouses too. But they're not the only dishonest folks in the Buswell-Carles saga. Because VEXNEWS broke the story in the first place, there are many Perth journalists who need to think carefully about the ethics of giving credit where it's due. *UPDATE: WA Treasurer Troy Buswell has resigned

UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIP: Perth buzzes with talk of Buswell & Carles

A colourful WA Treasurer Liberal Troy Buswell is getting on like a house on fire with unlikely parliamentary special friend Adele Carles. We explore their relationship.

CHRISTIAN PORTER: Treasurer demanded leadership hand-over or else, WA Liberals say

WA Treasurer Christian Porter demanded a leadership transition plan from Colin Barnett, couldn't get one, so is running for federal Parliament, Liberal insiders tell VEXNEWS.

“CARBON CRIMINALS”: Greens return to the scene of the slime

The Greens party are having the behind-closed-doors "members-only" national conference in Fremantle, the scene of one of their greatest debacles where their only lower house state MP was busted having a fling with controversial former Liberal Leader Troy Buswell. The shame of losing their trophy MP was bad enough, VEXNEWS can reveal the carbon footprint of the conference is bigger than most coal mines.