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LOSING THEIR SOUL: Since Bob Brown’s departure, the nasty underbelly of the Greensparty is on display

The Greensparty's latest internal scandal, involving a discrimination claim against it by a former candidate and activist suffering from depression, has rocked the smug, secretive party. Coming on top of multiple reports of unpaid staff and abusive treatment, many are wondering whether the party is capable of acting consistently with the values they claim to have.

ABETZ ASCENDANT: With frenemies like Alex Hawke, PM-to-be Tony Abbott is desperately going to need friends like Eric Abetz

Provoked by the editor's sympathies for Alex Hawke and the IPA's questioning of Tony Abbott's very generous paid-parental leave scheme that could give some families as much as $3000 a week of taxpayers' money to new parents to change nappies for six months, Christian Lyons has returned to argue for the pro-family policy and that the Liberal party - through champions like Eric Abetz - must keep the conservative faith against the rising ride of libertarianism in Australian conservative politics.

EASY MARX: Bandt funnels taxpayer cash to Marxist mag that vows not to take government funds

Greens MP for Melbourne Dr Adam Bandt PhD (Marx) is secretly funnelling taxpayer loot to a Marxist magazine 'Arena' that promises its readers it is politically independent and refuses government money.

COALITION KERFUFFLE: Libs slam Nats for turning to Chinese for Vic Police uniforms

The federal Liberal Industry shadow minister has launched a scathing attack on Victorian Nats Leader and Police Minister Peter Ryan for awarding a contract for the supply of fabric for Police uniforms to China at the expense of local jobs.

BROWN OFF: The nation straps itself in for the Greens party’s “joy ride of the future”

The Greens party Leader Bob Brown's extraordinary performance at yesterday's National Press Club left many wondering just how wild the ride will be now his extremists can decide what laws will govern Australia.

KEV’S JUST A SOUL WHOSE INTENTIONS ARE GOOD: “Assassination party” was media invention

The Rudd "Assassination Party" was never called that by Rudd and was the unethical invention of unethical journalists like the unethical Bernard Keane. VEXNEWS has the proof in the form of the secret and closely guarded invitation to the gathering. Come for the exclusives, stay for the righting of wrongs.

CIRCUIT BREAKER: Should the Libs skip a generation when picking a party president?

Stockdale or Reith? Uninspring choice for many Liberal members. Some wistfully wonder whether the busy Senator Cory Bernardi could do much to electrify the branches.

SHORT MEMORIES: Pedophile Lionel Rose didn’t deserve taxpayer-funded, Baillieu-blessed state funeral

It is a rare moment for a Victoria Premier to lavish praise at a taxpayer-funded state funeral on a man regarded by Victoria Police as a dangerous, predatory child-sex offender. Yet that's what Premier Ted Baillieu did today.

FRENEMIES: Osama bin Laden’s corpse is only the first step

Terror mastermind Osama bin Laden was killed in a mansion, fifty kilometres from Pakistan's capital of Islamabad. A day to celebrate justice but also a day when it's right to question who's with us, who's against us and does Australia do enough of the heavy lifting we unthinkingly demand of the United States in terms of keeping the world safe, open and free ponders Christian Lyons.

SPLIT GREENS: Milne prepares for Machiavellian war against Hanson-Young

Today's Financial Review magazine displays Greens deputy leader Christine Milne - complete with Machiavellian quotes - positioning herself as the next leader of the enviro-radical party after the imminent departure of retirement-age leader Bob Brown. There's much material that leadership rival Sarah Hanson-Young will be able to use against her.


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