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THE LAST POST: Landeryou boned by the faceless men of VEXNEWS

Your beloved Editor-in-Chief, Andrew Landeryou, has been sacked by unanimous vote of the VEXNEWS Editorial Advisory Board. We give him one last rant to claim credit, idly boast, tell a few war-stories and ride off into the sunset.

PROTESTS TOO MUCH: Lefty Jonathan Green insists his & ABC’s journalism is unbiased

Jonathan Green is far from the most odious of the ABCistas. But his insistence that his form of lefty journalism is impartial and all-knowing and that conservatives are ignorant and corrupted by propagandising is tiresome and clearly contradicted by the evidence.

GELLIBRAND: Bad news is that Kimba lost, Good news is VEXNEWS is back in rude form

It half-killed us not to write about the Gellibrand preselection but now it's over, normal transmission resumes.

DUMMY-SPITS: The Age’s Clay Lucas secret Labor right-winger shame exposed

The Age's Clay Lucas has not fully disclosed his fascinating political past. We do it for him.

TOUGH TERRITORY: In politics, winning can be just the start of trouble

For all but the best, in politics, you can go from hero to zero at light-speed. Most Australian governments are in serious political trouble despite our economy - for now - seen by outsiders as a shining beacon of prosperity in a financial-crisis recovering world.

BETTER PLACE DISASTER ZONE: Ex politician turned CEO Evan Thornley boned as losses surge past $600M

The Victorian ALP might consider itself lucky that ex-MP Evan Thornley shunned an offered promotion to the Brumby cabinet in 2009 after the car crash he left behind at Better Place as its Australian and then global CEO. The losses so far are $600M and rising rapidly. The board of the ailing company has sacked him and many fear the hugely loss-making Australian subsidiary will shut.

NAMING, SHAMING, BLAMING: Are journalists responsible if subjects of stories commit suicide?

If you report nasty things about people, most will get upset. But when reporting prompts someone to take their own life, why have so many been keen to blame the media personalities who did the story rather than the person who made the fateful decision? We explore the issues and think about what might have been.

SUCK IT UP SOL: Lew’s illegally built pool meets heavy-duty concrete saw of justice

Solomon Lew has wasted millions on the incredibly dodgy exercise of illegally building a swimming pool on public land. The community has sorted him right out, deploying heavy-duty concrete saws, excavators and other impressive equipment to fill Lew's massive hole of deception on a hill.

AUSTRALIA’S RICHEST LOSER: Sol Lew’s threats of violence stun Lindsay Fox’s kids

It's been a while since we've had a Sol Lew story, our sources haven't disappointed.

AARGH: With 800 members plus Pirate Party Australia sets sail for party registration for federal poll

With powerful media companies urging politicians to impose much stiffer penalties on those downloading pirated video, software and music online, worried internet users might well turn to Pirate Party Australia to defend their internet-given right to download as much of Mad Men, Breaking Bad or Lady Gaga as they want. Under the leadership of its president David Campbell, VEXNEWS can reveal they are well and truly on track to achieving party registration, enabling them to run candidates with their party name on the ballot at the next federal election. With millions of early-adopting Australians downloading like demons from the inter-torrentz how well will they do?


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