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HUMOUR ATTACKED: Those frothing at the mouth over Tim Mathieson should get over themselves

Our Nick Mack defends to the death the Prime Minister's consort right to impersonate Prince Phillip to his heart's content. There's much more to it than an off-colour joke, he explains. It's about who we are.

BOWEN STANDS UP: Labor’s Immigration minister wins applause from across aisle

Chris Bowen is doing a much better job than his predecessors, argues Nick Mack, despite the disapproval of Press Gallery know-alls and lefty human rights militants argues Nick Mack.

THE SLIPPER DROPS: But conservative dreams of an early election go unfulfilled

Nick Mack is outraged about the smears against Tony Abbott being a misogynist and thinks middle Australia isn't buying the latte sipper talking points.

NO MAN IS AN ISLAND: Who will step up to protect Tony Abbott from his internal foes?

Our insightful political analyst Nick Mack shares concerns from within the Liberal camp that while Tony Abbott has done very well that those behind him on his front-bench are not at the same high standard. UPDATE: Abbott loyalist Senator Cory Bernardi's dramatic departure from Abbott's front-bench over his suggestion that changing the definition of marriage could lead to constant demands to include increasingly exotic activities makes Mr Mack's observations all the more timely.

NT POLL-DANCE: CLP won the battle of the bush but could federal Labor win the war?

Nick Mack reports that while the electorates are small in the Northern Territory, the implications of its election result are big.

IT’S TIME: Labor needs to take out its Green trash before it’s too late

PM Gillard's government has done some good things. It's got very little credit for any of it because of the perception they are being led by the nose by an extremist and ultra-cynical Left-wing party with one lower house MP that represents the views of an inner-city elite. Nick Mack argues that Julia Gillard - not Kevin Rudd - is ideally placed to take the Greens on and that she should before the parasite destroys its Prime Ministerial host.

PLACID SHREK TURNS FERAL: Hockey takes stick to entitlements without blessing of Leader or colleagues

What was he thinking? Nick Mack looks for answers.

SCIENTIFIC UNAMERICAN: Robyn Williams’ blind hatred of America and hysterical hype is no laughing matter

One of the ABC's most revered broadcasters, Robyn Williams of their Science Show, is in Nick Mack's sights, for good reasons, as we shall see.

CLUB WELL FED: Both sides of the aisle should be shamed for supping with Syrian supremacists

Nick Mack has done sterling work, sifting through the photographs displayed by Syria's Embassy in Australia to discover a who's who of Australian politics who've been willing to accept lavish meals, trips and trinkets from one of the world's worst regimes.

THE SPEW PARADIGM: Independents squirming like pigs on market day

Nick Mack is unimpressed with the country member independents and gives them a serve.


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