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THE HUSTLE: Dodgy Aussie expat operating in London tries to con the world about America

The big city that is London has been a magnet for Australia's most cunning political con artists for a long time. But before there was Julian Assange, there is John Pilger. Nick Mack gives him a whack.

THE NEW ROMANTICS: The far left once wanted to destroy marriage, now they’re all over it like a rash

Nick Mack remembers a kinder, gentler time when lefties didn't want to change marriage, they wanted to smash it with hurled cobble-stones.

BLOW UP THE WOWSERS: Tony Abbott’s right on pokies

Nick Mack is in fine form today, paying out on the rise of the neo-wowser.

TRIPLE TROUBLE: Suddenly, Angry Anderson doesn’t seem like such a good idea

Angry Anderson has joined the National party, hoping to get his bum on the leather seats of Club Fed. Our Nick Mack reveals that an Angry interview on Triple J on Sunday night shows he's going to be trouble with a capital T.

ACTION WINS: Red Ted’s candidates hit the fence they’re sitting on

Ted Baillieu's government is being criticised for struggling to make tough decisions on things like the future of Myki, the troubled transport ticketing system, and the future of Police Commissioner Simon Overland, to name just two. Even though his faction was buoyed by the unexpected state election triumph, it's failed to translate into immediate results as today's Liberal State Council results demonstrate, says embedded reporter Nick Mack. By contrast Tony Abbott received a hero's welcome...

A NEW WORLD: What would Machiavelli do?

Machiavelli is a much-quoted but very misunderstood figure. In the US, he's back on the small screen in the series The Borgias, Sydney's restaurant for the powerful bears his name and even Greens leader Christine Milne quotes him. We asked our very own Nick Mack to opine about how Machiavelli would see the current state of the world and what the master political strategist would advise.

SHOULD AULD ACQUAINTANCE BE FORGOT: As the tyrant totters, Qaddafi’s sleazy apologists have memory loss

Over the years, Libya's tyrant Qaddafi found love in some very strange places, reports Nick Mack. And he's not talking when the thug paid the angel-voiced Mariah Carey $1 million to sing him and his entourage four tunes on the Caribbean island of St Barts. Many of Qaddafi's old mates would rather forget about him now. But as the old saying goes, you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

DENIAL IS A RIVER IN EGYPT: Letting go of power with dignity was beyond former rulers Mubarak and Rudd

Kevin Rudd and his chum Hosni Mubarak have much in common. Our Nick Mack explores the politics of letting go, touching on Rudd and Egypt's past in a spectacular series of round-house kicks.

TOO LATE? Libs decisive move on Greens preferences welcomed by the heartland

Liberal party branch members, MPs and supporters were nearly universally thrilled by Ted Baillieu's decision to put the Greens last at the Victorian state election. Will it be enough to show that Baillieu is capable of strong leadership after years of playing the jellyback. Nick Mack isn't optimistic about the Liberals chances but it's certainly given the Libs a spring in their step this week.

WHO’S HEARTLESS? SMH writer claims Syria is kinder on asylum seekers than Australia

The Left have repeatedly failed to persuade Australians that the ever-increasing number of unauthorised arrivals by boat is not worth worrying about. Today, lefty Sydney Morning Herald scribe Richard Ackland tries a new tack, arguing that Syria - a police state - has more compassion for refugees than does Australia. Nick Mack points out that he hasn't let facts get in the way of his tall story.


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