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Awesome Australia Day address by Dr Charlie Teo

We were far from impressed with reports that a Sydney brain surgeon was going to use his Australia Day address to slag the country that gave him everything as racist..

And as it turns out Dr Charlie Teo he does make reference to racism but it’s far from aggressive or unpleasant or preachy. It’s candid and honest:

Unfortunately, racism still exists in Australian culture today. But if you think it’s bad, you would’ve cringed if you had heard some of the things my mum said about you “white devils”.

In fact the whole speech is astoundingly impressive, a fitting tribute to the nation, in some respects an edgy get-square exercise with those who’ve stood in his way and a call for us to do better.

What an impressive man. Such an awesome country. We love youse all.


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  1. Dr Teo appeared in court as a character witness for his friend and colleague who killed two women during drug fuelled orgies. He is a brilliant surgeon but his ability to judge personal let alone national character is highly questionable at best.

    Posted by Myree McQueen | January 24, 2012, 6:57
  2. many times in media they use the word tolerance but i think this is wrong and is exactly what racism should not be. I believe it should be more of the word attitude

    Posted by Anonymous | January 24, 2012, 11:13
  3. With Vexnews stamp of approval, I will now read the whole speech and not the media summary.

    Posted by Giuseppe De Simone | January 26, 2012, 3:15