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BAAA BUSTED: Shepherd busted drunk-driving through KFC drive-through

old-english-sheepdog The more time the VEXNEWS editorial board has contemplated this story, the more we are shocked that it did not receive global attention:

Drunk nabbed in KFC drive-through

A Tikokino man’s drunken dash through a KFC drive-through has cost him $1330 and an indefinite driving disqualification.

Todd Travers blew almost three times the legal  alcohol limit when he recorded a reading of 1153mcgs after being breathtested at Hastings’ KFC restaurant on September 5.

Travers’ vehicle was stopped at the drive-through after police communications were informed the shepherd had been drinking at a party in Flaxmere and was intoxicated. Despite his high reading, Travers told police he had consumed only four Coruba bottles, which were 8 per cent alcohol each.

In Hastings District Court yesterday, counsel Richard Stone said Travers could pay a fine only in instalments as he’d recently bought a $2500 sheepdog.  He added that the  lambing season would make a sentence of community work difficult to carry out.

In May this year the 22-year-old was disqualified from driving for six months.

Judge Richard Watson said Travers had made two bad choices. “The first was electing to drive while disqualified, the second was to drink alcohol and get behind the wheel. The simplest message is don’t drink and drive – tattoo that to your forehead so you see it every time you look in the mirror.”


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