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BATTLE FOR BRUNSWICK: Jane Garrett emerges as united Left candidate for ALP preselection in marginal seat

garrettcleary Left sources suggest that a happy compromise has been struck between Socialist clans in the selection of prospective ALP candidates in Brunswick. Angry ETU official and friend of the IRA Phil Cleary has already announced his intention to run in the inner-city seat, potentially to be backed by Dean Mighell’s union.

They are saying that lawyer Jane Garrett, at Slater & Gordon, and former adviser to the Premier’s office will emerge as the consensus candidate in the inner-city seat. She certainly appears to be a stronger candidate than most previously named other than popular Mayor Lambros Tapinos from the Right and will be a difficult candidate for the Greens political party to beat.

Previously named candidates like Erik Locke have agreed to withdraw in her favour, we understand. The Carr and Giles Left fractions are supportive of Garrett.

Nominations close tomorrow, so while there is some tension among certain comrades, there is also strong momentum behind winding up these preselection tensions with a minimum of carnage.


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  1. The ALP is a party with broad ethnic support. The Ombudsman’s report in Brimbank has had an unintended consequence. The ALP National Executive is ditching candidates with an ethnic background. The SL is falling into line. Italian Carli is to be replaced with a Left Anglo. Soon we will have no ethnics in Parliament on the ALP side if the present trends are kept up. The major beneficiary of this could be the Liberal Party, a party that endorses ethnic candidates all over the place.

    Posted by Anonymous | June 24, 2009, 20:21
  2. I think there should be more whities in Parliament.

    Posted by Anonymous | June 24, 2009, 20:43
  3. this is great news – Jane will be a great candidate, a great MP and possible ministry material. unlike the former member for brunswick.

    Posted by Anonymous | June 24, 2009, 20:49
  4. Unfortunately she is with Slater & Gordon so she will probably screw it all up and lose the seat – which is their usual track-record, leaving behind a legacy of lost compensation cases and unhappy clients.

    Posted by Anon | June 24, 2009, 21:04
  5. Garrett is a huge talent. She’s a great councillor on Yarra and has got enormous potential

    Posted by Go You Good Thing | June 24, 2009, 21:26
  6. I’d like to give Jane Garrett a ride home.

    Posted by RDR | June 24, 2009, 21:41
  7. Lambros is a dufus god help victoria if he ever becomes an MP

    Posted by Anonymous | June 24, 2009, 22:53
  8. Lambros and RDR have something in common, they are both dufuses, or is that dufii?

    Posted by Anonski | June 24, 2009, 23:08
  9. Albo looked and sounded like a tool in Question Time today. So much of a tool that he must resign.

    Posted by Albo Watcher | June 24, 2009, 23:33
  10. What is Dreyfus doing on the backbench? With so many fools on the frontbench, it is inexcusable that Dreyfus is a mere backbencher.

    Posted by Anonski | June 24, 2009, 23:39
  11. Albo always looks and sounds like a tool. That is his disposition.

    Posted by Anon | June 24, 2009, 23:47
  12. The Greens and Phil Cleary are the only candidates running that will uphold traditional Labor values. Together they will return the seat of Brunswick to the people of Brunswick.

    Posted by The Ghost of John Curtin | June 24, 2009, 23:54
  13. Howard Worthing please return mt she-male outfit.

    Posted by Dean Mighell | June 25, 2009, 0:08
  14. Only the ALP would be interested in ethnic division like who is an anglo, who is a wog and all the rest of it.

    The rest of the country has moved on past race clan wars.

    Posted by Anonymous | June 25, 2009, 8:40
  15. if jane garrett wins brunswick, her council seat will go to the Greens. the once powerful North fitzroy branch of the ALP could not find her a running mate for the multimember ward.

    Posted by c u on the tram | June 25, 2009, 10:12
  16. ONE of Victorian Premier John Brumby’s key advisers, former journalist Nick Reece, is being pushed as a replacement for embattled ALP state secretary Stephen Newnham.

    Nice guy but thick and lazy ….

    Posted by Forget Brunswick - is this for real for head office? http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25674811-5006785,00.html | June 25, 2009, 10:19
  17. The western suburbs are a perfect example of multiculturalism we have a group of mps who are Anglos. The wogs have been used and diverted. Freedom to the wogs!

    Posted by Anonymous | June 25, 2009, 11:20
  18. This whole debate about ethnic representation is completely misguided. The focus should be on which individual will best represent the interests of the Brunswick community and the answer is simple: Lambros Tappinos.
    Hats off to Jane Garrett for her reputation, but the truth is that she is simply another SL stooge. Lambros has an incredibly high approval rating as Mayor, is well respected by the locals and will be strong against the Greens.

    Lambros MP, Brunswick.

    Posted by Carlo Carli MP | June 25, 2009, 13:18
  19. What about what’s happening out in Ivanhoe – where Langdon’s latest young male chum Rick Garroti [who wrote a letter endorsing the old fella last week]has turned on him and nominated for the seat at noon today?

    What kind of juice does he have on Craig? What kind of juice does Craig have on him?

    Posted by Craig's Droop | June 25, 2009, 13:20
  20. Perhaps Craig had a few too many glasses of red on the balcony at parliament last night…

    Posted by Craig's a Droop | June 25, 2009, 13:33
  21. Craig got rick to run so he can bow out and not give Anthony the seat…. one problem is hardly anyone knows rick…

    Posted by Anonymous | June 25, 2009, 14:08
  22. Carbines is an imbecile with a big skeleton in his closet.

    Posted by anon | June 25, 2009, 14:15
  23. Other problem is Rick’s in Canberra

    Posted by Anon | June 25, 2009, 14:29
  24. The Greens need less than 4% swing to win Brunswick in 2010. The gradual change in demographics – the passing on of the old Greek/Italian post WW2 migrants who were rusted on ALP voters – make Brunswick ripe for the picking by the Greens. I have heard that Jane Garrett is a social conservative and no fan of outdoor art in the city of Yarra. That is hardly going to gain her votes in the People’s Republic of Brunswick

    Posted by Ozzie | June 25, 2009, 15:22
  25. Anonski, I follow your comments on this blog of freedom very closely and often disagree with your comments. However, having said that, let me say this, I agree some of our current front bench shouldn’t be in these positions. I do believe that several other backbenchers should be sitting on the front bench instead. If you had of seen my efforts while sitting at the dispatch box late yesterday afternoon, you would have seen how comfortable I looked sitting in this position. Although the acting speaker didn’t laugh at my attempted humour when she addressed me as’Minister’, that I thanked her for the promotion. I hope you agree Anonski that I am one of the backbenchers that should be on the front bench, if only my mate KRudd agreed.

    Posted by Anonymous | June 25, 2009, 15:36
  26. By the way, Stupid Ethnics, Don Naredella is not Anglo. He is Italian. And O’Connor is an Irish immigrant. I dare you to call him Anglo to his face!

    Posted by Anonymous | June 25, 2009, 15:42
  27. “Lambros is a dufus god help victoria if he ever becomes an MP”

    The last person heard uttering that was Chris Anderson, the day before the Moreland City Council elections.

    24 hours later, Lambros led him onto Sydney Rd, had him tarred and feathered, and slapped on a dunce cap reading “Mr 6%”.

    Do not cross the path of Zeus’ underestimated son.

    Posted by Acropolis POW! | June 25, 2009, 16:23
  28. Anonski, I follow your comments on this blog of freedom very closely and often disagree with your comments.

    Posted by Anon | June 25, 2009, 18:07
  29. Me Lambros. You Jane. Another lawyer trying to climb the ALP ladder of opportunity. Whats that about the cream of the working class being replaced by the dregs of the middle class ?

    Posted by Anonymous | June 25, 2009, 23:51
  30. The Libs only endorse ethnic candidates who are anti ethnic. I mean, Sophia Mirabella is no friend of anyone except Johno Howard, Lizzie Windsor and Adolf Hitler. But ethnic ALP members need to wake up and realise that the right will never show them the support that their voting numbers and loyalty deserve. Just look at how they dumped John pandazopoulos

    Posted by Bob Sercombe | June 26, 2009, 8:54
  31. Deany weeny dont watse all that yummy Etu’s members on that angry hairy he-man phil put it into my bottom line

    Posted by Suzzana | June 26, 2009, 9:57
  32. Phil will win big time!

    Posted by Gutsy | June 27, 2009, 1:07
  33. can’t labor find anyone who is actually from Brunswick?

    Posted by todd schtonker | June 29, 2009, 14:18


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