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BIG JOB: Victoria’s little minister for small community group grants announcements

justinsillylilyVEXNEWS had feared that obnoxious lefty Lily D’Ambrosio had been over-promoted after her elevation as a Victorian Minister of the Crown or whatever appropriate Hulls-approved term has now been adopted for Crown, perhaps Soviet.

Those fears have been allayed though by the Minister’s first announcement (set out below) which makes it clear she’s not exactly dealing with the big-ticket items, announcing a half-million grant to help convert a defunct farmhouse into a fully politically correct community hub.

No doubt a worthy project, championed by popular local lefty Shire of Melton mayor and war-gaming enthusiast Justin Mammarella, the crown prince of the famous Mammarella clan of the western suburbs.

Recently re-elected to his second term as Melton’s mayor, young Justin has repeatedly ducked opportunities to share his views on the big issues with VEXNEWS.

We asked, inter alia:

1. Will you be bringing back red capes into public life as once proudly championed by patriot Bob (Mammarella)?

2. Your thoughts on Melton’s favourite cuisine, KFC? Your thoughts on the other food groups, McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks, Red Rooster and Subway? Is “Oriental” cuisine growing in popularity in the municipality?

3. Will you heal the divisions within Melton shire between uppity Toolern Vale, rugged Melton and the nancy boys of Caroline Springs? To say nothing of the hostility felt generally for the Kuranjang people?

4. Are you aware of the proud civic history of Melton shire, when pigs heads were put on councillors’ lawns and brake lines were cut and such? Will you consider restoring these important civic traditions?

5. We have previously noted your enthusiasms for war games. How have they helped you in dealing with municipal combat?

6. Will the Shire be considering a multi-million dollar gift to Essendon Football Club’s important leisure facility in Melton? If not, why not?

7. Melton has many pubs of ill-repute. Your favourite?

8. Your thoughts on Dr Edelsten’s clinic de surgery plastique at Caro Springs. Fair or foul? Would you consider botox?

9. Your thoughts on strippers in Melton? Enough? Too many?

Mayor Mammarella had not responded by the time of publication. If he or his entourage have comment, we’ll be sure to update.

Media release
From The Minister for Community Development
Thursday, 28 January, 2010
Taylors  Hill’s  historic Morton Homestead will be transformed into a fully
accessible  community hub, thanks to $504,000 in funding from the Victorian
Community  Development  Minister  Lily  D’Ambrosio said the $1.8m stage one
upgrade  will  include  refurbishment  of  the  existing farmhouse, service
delivery  space  for  aged  and  disability services programs, car park and
“The  Brumby Labor Government is taking action to strengthen communities by
supporting  the  development  of  community  facilities and activities at a
local level,” Ms D’Ambrosio said.
“The Morton Homestead Community Hub will provide services for older people,
people  living  with a disability, carers, volunteers and community groups,
as well as a new multipurpose space.
“This  multipurpose  space  will  provide  residents  in Burnside, Burnside
Heights,  Caroline  Springs,  Diggers  Rest, Hillside, Rockbank and Taylors
Hill with somewhere to meet and socialise.
Ms D’Ambrosio said Morton Homestead would benefit from a $254,000 Victorian
Community  Support  Grant  and  $250,000  from the Community Facilities for
Growth Areas program provided through the Community Support Fund.
“Funding  and support for the redevelopment will also be provided by Melton
Shire Council and local property developers,” Ms D’Ambrosio said.
“The  development  of  the  new  Community Hub will preserve the historical
features  of  the  original  Morton Homestead and be complemented by modern
facilities to service the growing community.
“Located  near the Taylors Hill Retirement Village and easily accessible by
public transport, the Morton Homestead Community Hub will give local people
access to services and social activities close to home.”
Cr  Justin  Mammarella  JP,  Mayor  of  Melton  Shire Council, welcomed the
announcement  and  said  the  funding  would  help  Council  redevelop  the
“Melton  Shire Council is extremely pleased to receive this funding to help
refurbish  and  extend  Morton  Homestead  into  a vital community hub,” Cr
Mammarella said.
“Morton  Homestead will become a valuable community asset for all residents
and the first stage refurbishment will provide Council with extra space for
aged and disability services programs including Planned Activity Groups.”
“Council  very  much  values  the  partnerships  we have with the Victorian
Since  2004,  the  Victorian Community Support Grants program has supported
more  than 550 projects worth more than $92 million to improve communities.
The  Community  Facilities  for  Growth Areas program will provide funds of
$6.5  million  over  the  next two years. For more information please visit


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  1. Despite what my federal leader says, teen virginity should be lost at the first available opportunity – I am available to assist in that process by offering rides home. Txt me.

    Posted by RDR | January 28, 2010, 13:26
  2. Scullin raises it’s ugly head again. Mammarella’s family stack Harry’s & Lily’s with old italians. What a payback to Justin for all of his hard work.

    Posted by true believer | January 28, 2010, 13:36
  3. At least the SL are looking after him unlike LU. You have to give credit where credit is due. Do you ever see the LU ministers looking after local councils or allies? No they only screw them.

    Posted by Anonymous | January 28, 2010, 14:28
  4. Just wondering when her drunken lecherous commie pervert author husband will get a writeup on here

    Posted by Adam | January 30, 2010, 9:29
  5. Re. Question 3, what is this so-called “division” ?

    Council will not free Toolern Vale from Melton Shire for less than 8 pieces of Silver.

    Too much! I offer 3 pieces of Silver, and Killer Bridge…..just give us to Macedon Ranges Shire please!

    Until then, T.V. and Melton are indivisible.

    Posted by Free T.V. | January 30, 2010, 13:17