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BOOT ON OTHER FOOT: Roberts-Smith has questions to answer…

Former WA Premier Brian Brian Burke has revealed why it is that the head of the infamous WA Crime and Corruption Commission Len Roberts-Smith has had it in for him.

Burke once engaged him as a lawyer over ten years ago but had to remove him as he wasn’t going very well representing his interest in a Royal Commission over a decade now.


Burke has complained to authorities about Roberts-Smith:

“It is my firm belief that the Commissioner has a conflict of interest that should fairly preclude him from dealing with matters before the Commission that may impact upon me.

“I understand that this is a serious allegation but it has long been troubling me and I have decided to formally raise this complaint with you and request that you deal with it accordingly.”

“It’s true that I sacked Mr Roberts-Smith as my counsel at the Royal Commission into Government activities relating to the Burswood Casino.

“I was very dissatisfied with his performance . . . and the circumstances of my dispensing with his services were unpleasant.

“I think it’s certainly something the Parliamentary Inspector should look at and consider, whether or not it constitutes a legal conflict, I’m not a lawyer I don’t know.

“I feel I’ve been very unfairly treated by the CCC.

“I think there’s a real culture of suspicion and disbelief and a culture of everybody’s guilty (at the CCC).”


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  1. spin it all you like, hide it behind smoke and mirrors, but the “Patriot’s” truth is Burke is a shonk a corrupt crook and the sooner he meets his maker the world will be nicer place

    Posted by anon | December 6, 2009, 23:31