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CAN’T KEEP A BAD MAN DOWN: Adam Bandt back in Business (again)


Undiscouraged by nationwide media reports emanating from a VEXNEWS story last week Greensparty live-on-dole poseur Adam Bandt MP is currently sitting in business class seat 3F on Qantas Flight 822 on that arduous 60 minute flight from Melbourne to Canberra due to arrive at 8.15pm

Notable non-business-class passengers on the same flight are Greensparty leadership aspirant, former merchant-banker and millionaire Senator Peter Whish-Wilson in economy seat 10A and patriot Liberal MPs Sophie Mirabella and Kelly O’Dwyer also slumming it in Cattle Class. On-flight reports suggest hilarity ensued when Bandt was noticed by parliamentary colleagues and those in the know enjoying his little bit of luxury, that costs taxpayers as much as $800 per one-way flight from Melbourne to Canberra.

Bandt really is milking his last few months in Parliament for even the slightest and most-indulgent of perk. It is widely expected Bandt will not receive Liberal party preferences at the next election, which elected him in 2010, despite his previously avowed Marxism and Doctorate of Philosophy in Marxist Jurisprudence.

He spent the day lashing the federal government he props up for not doing enough for struggling working families.


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  1. Fair crack of the whip![Yes ,please] the poor little bugger is only helping his soulmate, CEO/Qaintarse , to return to profit–and, he did not complain about the chicken like Krud–but complimented the Stewards on their delicious Parson’s nose and requested a date at the next Mardi Gras. So there!!
    BTW,’Stinking Violet’ I note you must be a Catholic Institute graduate as you can’t compose a paragraph. Perhaps Rev Father Up was more interested in your physical well being?

    Posted by Staffy of Perth | February 22, 2013, 18:07