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Awesome Australia Day address by Dr Charlie Teo

We were far from impressed with reports that a Sydney brain surgeon was going to use his Australia Day address to slag the country that gave him everything as racist..

And as it turns out Dr Charlie Teo he …

VEXED: If a joke about boat-phone is big news, an inappropriate use of kids to promote sex should be too

Liberals complain that the Press Gallery is being mean to Tony Abbott and kind to Julia Gillard. We're not so sure about that, but Nick Mack is.

PATRIOT NATION: Australians love their country more than anyone else in the world

Australians have higher admiration and respect for, trust and pride in their own country than the people of any other nation.

REVOLUTION: The Liberals squeeze some vision juice from Rudd’s mandarin

The Liberals and former Labor leader Paul Keating have been demanding "vision" and a "narrative" from PM Kevin Rudd. VEXNEWS' Christian Lyons has a good look at the vision thing and wonders whether today's effort at the National Press Club will be enough.

SIMPLE: Did Garrie Hutchinson show propaganda films of Australia’s enemies or not?

garyhutchinson The Sunday Age’s grouchy international affairs reporter Tom Hyland has desperately attempted to cobble together what’s left of the reputation of disgraced and deposed former state government veterans’ heritage officer and former draft dodger, Garrie Hutchinson.

Hutchinson was forced to …

INTREPID: The Age’s brave explorer Shaun Carney discovers another world

The Age's Shaun Carney has been living beyond enemy lines in the patriotic territory of outer suburban Carrum Downs. His reports are shocking Age readers.

ZAPPED: Premier Iemma’s foes flick the switch to surrender

NSW Premier Morris Iemma has seen off a caucus and party rebellion over electricity privatisation and is now keen to focus on the future.

DOING A COREY: Pyne invites 1159 of his closest personal friends to Senator’s small office

South Australian Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne has failed to learn the lesson made legend by Melbourne teen hoon Corey Delaney: be careful about inviting too many people around.

OPINION: A veteran wonders why Garrie Hutchinson is a protected species

I think the anger at Garrie comes from veterans, quite rightly, who believe he has positioned himself as the major interpreter of the ANZAC legend, which was forged by men and women serving in uniform facing adversity.

CARELESS: Labor MP linked to care scandal

A Greek community run care facility for peoples with disabilities in Preston has been accused of neglecting the interests of clients, underpaying staff and corrupt practices. The Agapi Care facility in Preston is closely associated with Labor MP Jenny Mikakos, who has been asked by the management to intervene to protect them from concerned regulators.


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