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Mongolian neo-Nazis rebrand as environmentalists

A Mongolian neo-Nazi group is going green, campaigning against miners and pollution, especially when caused by foreigners.

Based in an office behind a lingerie store in the Mongolian capital, the shaven-headed, jackbooted Tsagaan Khass stormtroopers launch raids on mining projects,

Albo sticks it up extremist Greensparty #auspol

Deputy Prime Minister Albanese: “I’m a strong environmentalist, but I’m opposed to the extremism and sloganism of the Greens and we will take it on.”

THE HATE BOAT: Greensparty wanted to go “solidarity” sailing with Nazi holocaust denier

The Greensparty's horrifying close political ties with Australia's leading Holocaust-denier and Nazi, Fredrick Töben have been revealed.

Which occupations vote Greensparty? The answer – mostly – won’t surprise you #auspol

The list of occupations most likely to vote for the Greensparty is truly a celebration of inner-city wankerdom, starring social professionals, environmental scientists, visual artists and craftists, graphic designers, social workers, lawyers and even judges(!), intelligence agents(!), welfare workers, psychologists

DECAYING: Greensparty indulges fluoride conspiracy theorists with call for inquiry

The Greensparty is attempting to undermine public confidence in the fluoridationof water despite strong endorsements for it by scientists, doctors, public health experts, dentists and the late Mrs Marsh. Political insiders say it's a cynical ploy to keep sweet with north coast NSW nuts who oppose fluoride and vaccinations and vote Greensparty.

Flying first class increases your carbon footprint by six times says World Bank

Greensparty MPs are the first to squawk about carbon emissions yet also insist on sitting in First Class on taxpayer-funded flights around Australia and internationally.

VEXNEWS has demonstrated that Melbourne MP Greensparty deputy leader Adam Bandt is one of the …

LOSING THEIR SOUL: Since Bob Brown’s departure, the nasty underbelly of the Greensparty is on display

The Greensparty's latest internal scandal, involving a discrimination claim against it by a former candidate and activist suffering from depression, has rocked the smug, secretive party. Coming on top of multiple reports of unpaid staff and abusive treatment, many are wondering whether the party is capable of acting consistently with the values they claim to have.

GETTING OLD: 60-year-old Christine Milne calls 59-year-old Martin Ferguson an “old-stager”

Slagging people off for being too old for public service is mostly an impertinence best left to those who turned it into an art-form: the Baby Boomer generation. They've mostly been notoriously tough to move on from positions of power themselves. There's no better example of that than the oldies dominated Greensparty that has the oldest political party leadership and yet constantly refers to "old parties." Yesterday, their leader Christine Milne even slagged off retiring Labor legend Martin Ferguson as an "old stager." Would it be impolite to point out her age?

“Birthing with dolphins” newest parenting craze

Another reason to hate hippies: “Birthing with dolphins”.…

Greensparty opposed to corporate donations except the $1.6M one they got #auspol

Christine Milne: “It’s very clear and you only have to look at the Independent Commission Against Corruption in New South Wales to see what happens when the corporate sector can have such an influence on public policy.”

As it happens, …


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