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Greensparty Senator Whish-Wilson attacks model Jennifer Hawkins after she refuses request for private meeting #auspol

Jennifer Hawkins

Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins has been viciously slagged by ex-merchant banker turned Tasmanian Greensparty Senator and leadership aspirant Peter Whish-Wilson

The Senator’s cruel attacks (in an official media release produced by his taxpayer-funded office) included describing the …

Woman eaten by vultures within 45 minutes of falling off a cliff, leaving behind only bones, clothes & shoes

A French woman has been eaten by vultures within 45 minutes of falling off a cliff, leaving behind only bones, clothes & shoes.

It’s worth noting the role of regulators in this unpleasantness:

■ The vultures are a protected species;…

GREENSPARTY’S WATERGATE: Hip and cool WikiLeaks party set to swoop on ethically challenged Greensparty

Criminal charges for a senior Greensparty honcho, Fraser Brindley, over the illegal penetration of a rival political party's computers, will make it very difficult indeed for the party to pretend it's the moral superior of other parties. With looming threats like the WikiLeaks party set to pick at their carcass after three years of being closely connected with an unpopular federal Labor government, things aren't looking good for once idealistic enviro-party in the post Bob Brown era.

Stonehenge general manager sought

With Greensparty federal casualties expected in several states at the next election scheduled by the PM for September, the $130,000-a-year gig of managing new Age hippy favourite place Stonehenge in England most be sorely tempting for several nervous incumbents..…

FAKE SHEIKH: Fears Greensparty ACT Senate candidate Simon Sheikh sought loot from Obeid for GetUp! cash stash

Ex ALP NSW Right operative turned ACT Greensparty candidate Simon Sheikh is rumoured to have hit up controversial former NSW Right chieftain and multi-millionaire Eddie Obeid as part of a GetUp! fundraising drive.

CHARGED: Three Age journos and prominent Greensparty boss charged over VEXNEWS Herald Sun hacking revelations

Three Age journos and Greensparty honcho Fraser Brindley have been criminally charged with hacking the ALP's voter database. Please keep your amusement in the comments to a dignified and judicially restrained minimum and note the four are entitled to the presumption of innocence, even here.

TURN IT DOWN: Grouchy Greensparty Senator attacks live-music because she can hear it in her office

The Greensparty pretend to be on thing but are actually something else entirely. They pretend to campaign in favour of live-music to connect with its mostly young fans. But what they do and say in private betrays them as selfish, intolerant and hypocritical.

SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY: First it was Buswell & Carles, now WA Greensparty shows Liberals How-To-Vote lerv

Despite pretending to be a party of principle, the Greensparty in WA have been caught out in what their supporters and Labor critics see as a sleazy preference swap with their supposed conservative adversaries. How many Greensparty voters will actually follow a How-To-Vote card that preferences Liberal will be interesting to watch but in any event, it is all enough to remind us of one of VEXNEWS biggest yarns when we exposed the indecent liaison between then Greensparty MP Adele Carles and heavy-hitting Liberal, then WA Treasurer Troy Buswell. Good times...

Greensparty wants $11B new bank tax which would hit bank customers hard #auspol

Greensparty deputy boss Dr Adam Bandt MP PhD wants to increase the cost of banking for customers with an $11 billion new tax on the big 4 banks.

There are plenty of issues around banks, their regulation, the competence of …

BIG LOVE: Greensparty polyamorists push for equality in Marriage Act

Leading figures in the Greensparty are pushing for polyamory - multi-partnered relationships - to be given full equal legal recognition under the Marriage Act and have formed a well-organised lobby group to push elected leaders to embrace the cause.


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