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False fish-labelling could cause “prolonged, uncontrollable, oily anal leakage”

84% of fish labelled “white tuna” in US study was “escolar,” a fish that can cause “prolonged, uncontrollable and oily anal leakage.”

The same study claims sushi restaurants are the worst offenders at false labelling, especially of tuna and snapper.…

GO FIGURE: Greensparty demands miners pay more so plans to vote against scrapping miners’ tax lurk #auspol

Logic can be the first thing out the window when engaged in political cunning stunts. The Greensparty wants mining taxed a lot more, to help kill off an industry they don’t like, and has told the government it has decided

FRIED RICE: Greensparty fears Assange run in Victoria

A Greensparty careerist politician Janet Rice is in her fourth decade of enviro-activism. Her big pay-off was to come this year, with election to the Senate all but assured. But now she's got an accused rapist in London breathing down her neck.

CAN’T KEEP A BAD MAN DOWN: Adam Bandt back in Business (again)


Undiscouraged by nationwide media reports emanating from a VEXNEWS story last week Greensparty live-on-dole poseur Adam Bandt MP is currently sitting in business class seat 3F on Qantas Flight 822 on that arduous 60 minute flight from Melbourne to Canberra …

CLASS TRAITOR: Live-on-the dole MP shuns cattle class

Greensparty MP Adam Bandt flew Qantas business class in seat 2A Melbourne to Canberra on QF804 arriving 8.17 today. $737 one-way.

Founder of anti-GM crop movement: “You cannot call yourself a humanitarian and be opposed to GM crops today.”

Mark Lynas was one of the founders of the hugely successful British anti-genetically-modified foods campaign. He’s subsequently apologised, saying:

“The first generation of GM crops were suspect, I believed then, but the case for continued opposition to new generations –

Greensparty new spinner is cockroach expert

The Greensparty’s new spinner-in-chief Georgie Klug is highly knowledgable about cockroaches. This should equip her well for the challenges ahead.

Sent: Thursday, 31 January 2013 10:35
Subject: MILNE: INTRODUCING new Greens Communications Director

From: Hollo, Tim (Sen C. Milne) [mailto:Tim.Hollo@aph.gov.au]…

NO GREENS: Adam Bandt MP PhD appalled by having to eat cheese sandwiches, pasta & sauce and oats “on the dole”

Dr Adam Bandt's patronising stunt of living "on the dole" has exposed the high-living, first-class-flying PhD in Marxist jurisprudence to the vulgarities of, wait for it, cheese sandwiches, oats and pasta with sauce. He's "struggling," he admits to what his spiritual leader once called the right-wing "hate media."

Italian mafia muscles into renewable energy

State subsidies of renewable energy can be so great, Sicily’s infamous crime syndicates are making out like bandits from it: “Because it receives more sun and wind than any other part of Italy, Sicily became one of Europe’s most obvious

Rich hippy lies cause 900 dolphins to be killed

Rich American hippies promised millions to poor villagers in the Solomon Islands in return for not killing dolphins. The promised money never came so as many as 900 dolphins were slaughtered by the distressed Islanders.


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