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Stonehenge general manager sought

With Greensparty federal casualties expected in several states at the next election scheduled by the PM for September, the $130,000-a-year gig of managing new Age hippy favourite place Stonehenge in England most be sorely tempting for several nervous incumbents..…

CUT THROAT POLITICS: Indelicate phrase “cut the throat” ought not be hanging offence

SkyNews dashing star of screen Peter van Onselen is a good guy but is making a big deal about not much, in relation to his tweet-claims that a senior Abbott staffer threatened to "cut the throat" of a prominent do-gooder at a cocktail party. We examine the colourful language of politics and lament the threats to it from the politically correct.

“Lonely” Sir John Kerr “was not a strong man”, says Malcolm Fraser #auspol

Sir John Kerr was desperate to hang on to his job, “was not a strong man”, “wanted reassurance”, “was not helped by his wife”, “was a lonely man” according to born-again Lefty former Liberal PM who exploited these qualities to

WHO PAYS THE PIPER CALLS THE TUNE: Sydney Uni takes Beijing loot, bans Dalai Lama from premises

Universities are increasingly reliant on non-government sources of funds. It's no bad thing, necessarily. In Sydney Uni's case, they've taken millions from a controversial arm of the Chinese government and have banned Beijing critic and Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama from its premises to keep them sweet. It's a dark day, indeed, for academic freedom.

FAKE SHEIKH: Fears Greensparty ACT Senate candidate Simon Sheikh sought loot from Obeid for GetUp! cash stash

Ex ALP NSW Right operative turned ACT Greensparty candidate Simon Sheikh is rumoured to have hit up controversial former NSW Right chieftain and multi-millionaire Eddie Obeid as part of a GetUp! fundraising drive.

GELLIBRAND: Bad news is that Kimba lost, Good news is VEXNEWS is back in rude form

It half-killed us not to write about the Gellibrand preselection but now it's over, normal transmission resumes.

LIB LOG JAM: Club Fed conservatives positioning for power after September

The federal Liberals have a very good problem to have: contemplating who will get what in the event of a big conservative win in the federal election scheduled for September. One of our Liberal correspondents points out those talked up in The Australian as rising stars deserving of promotion may not do half as well as they think they will. We look at the real up-and-coming Libs, more likely and deserving of promotion than the self-promoting.

TURN IT DOWN: Grouchy Greensparty Senator attacks live-music because she can hear it in her office

The Greensparty pretend to be on thing but are actually something else entirely. They pretend to campaign in favour of live-music to connect with its mostly young fans. But what they do and say in private betrays them as selfish, intolerant and hypocritical.

WITLESS: Gough didn’t die but federal Labor had its latest near-death experience

Simon Crean was brave and may somehow have done something useful. Kevin Rudd did the right thing by pulling his head in. Just another day in paradise.

SUPER SILK: CEO shocks nation by saying his sector has too many tax lurks

A superannuation CEO says current super tax settings are too low. Why is that so few corporate leaders in Australia engage in Warren Buffett style self-sacrifice arguments?



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