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“GREEDY OGRE”: Solomon Lew aptly described by his own $12K-a-day QC

Melbourne's most grotesque and vile bully-ionaire Solomon Lew is trying to get the Supreme Court to censor publication of embarrassing details of sham legal proceedings he's intitated to create a legal fiction that his kids are penniless to try defraud their ex-spouses. It's a blatant scam. It almost certainly won't work. And Sol Lew is asking a Victorian judge to limit the associated shame and embarrassment by censoring reporting of what goes down in open court. No wonder even Lew's own lawyer described him in court as a "greedy ogre."

Sol Lew crony wants court to force journo to give up source

In yet another bizarre legal frolic, a key Sol Lew crony and boss of his Chinese-made garment importing private Voyager group Steve Fisher is trying to get a court order to force a journalist at the Sunday Age to identify

Rinehart court documents don’t fill in the big picture

While there’s been public access to the documents surrounding a trust that apparently owns 25% of one of Gina Rinehart’s biggest companies, it’s not clear why she was so opposed to her four children having a relatively small share in

MATES: Labor-friendly Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour in frame for Future Fund, sources say

Former bank boss and Labor-friendly Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour is pushing hard for appointment to the prestigious role of the Chairmanship of the multi-billion-dollar Future Fund, which appears to have already cost former Liberal Treasurer Peter Costello the job he was hoping to land.

LEW POOL SNAFU: Locals outraged over billionaire’s continued failure to return stolen public land

Melbourne's most infamous billionaire Solomon Lew stole public land to build a lavish swimming pool on a Mt Eliza property. It was spectacularly exposed by the Sunday Age last year. Despite Tribunal and council orders that the pool be demolished and the land be returned to the public, Lew has failed to comply with the law. Is there one law for him and another for the rest of us?

China dumps $100+ Billion in US Treasury bonds

China has been rapidly sell down its exposure to the US economy through the dumping of over $100 billion of USS Treasury bonds..…

Novelists ignore the money that makes the world go round

FT asks if “money is a kind of poetry?”, why hasn’t there been more fiction about it? (beyond the occasional creative prospectus)

SWAN DIVE: The World’s Greatest Treasurer indulges in some Chavez cha-cha-cha

Treasurer Wayne Swan is a world-beater, literally. But his crude attempts to channel Hugo Chavez by attacking the rich for a popular thrill-kill sends the wrong message.

KARMA CARNAGE: Sol Lew’s $510 million tax sham scam backfires as he sues his own kids to recover the loot

Is there a man sleazier - or more bizarre - than retail billionaire Solomon Lew? Today, it is revealed that he's suing his own kids and the parents of his grand-kids to recover hundreds of millions of dollars he gave them over a decade ago as a tax dodge. Can you feel the hilarity?

PLAYBOY’S PLAYCORP: Under Armour brand left smelly by bungling billionaire heir Stevie Lew

Solomon Lew's disappointing son, Stevie, has got himself involved in yet another business catastrophe, requiring Daddy's loot to bail him out, once again, retail insiders have revealed. At least the married gents have Fog of Greville Street, Prahran, to seek comfort in the loving embrace of the ladies there.


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