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CLIVE WASTED: We so wanted to love Australia’s Ross Perot but he’s making it impossible

Clive Palmer could have been a contender if he'd positioned himself as a high-achieving champion of limited government, prosperity and aspiration. Instead his Palmer party is increasingly looking like a very silly, ill-considered vanity project that could leave him humiliated despite spending many millions of dollars at the next election. Is it too late for Clive Palmer's party to avoid becoming the next Titanic?

James Ashby’s law firm scolded by Federal Court after leaving sex harrassment accuser financially devastated #auspol

The law firm Harmers that represented James Ashby in his clearly politically motivated litigation against former Speaker Peter Slipper last year has again been reprimanded by a Federal Court judge.

The firm insists it bankrolled its client’s case against Oracle …

FRIED RICE: Greensparty fears Assange run in Victoria

A Greensparty careerist politician Janet Rice is in her fourth decade of enviro-activism. Her big pay-off was to come this year, with election to the Senate all but assured. But now she's got an accused rapist in London breathing down her neck.

Andrew Wilkie thinks Tony Abbott tolerates “racism that eats at the Liberal party” #auspol

The member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, was elected with 81.5% of the preferences of Liberal party voters.

If the preferences went the other way, Wilkie would not have prevailed.

And yet Wilkie persists in suggesting that party is racist

Shameless scribes still slinking around Slipper #ausmedia

We thought he might have been left alone after his court triumph but it seems not: “Media spent much of Tuesday outside (former Speaker) Slipper’s Buderim home which is guarded by a metal gate with a printed out sign reading

Greensparty winces as Assange contemplates Senate bid that will cost them a seat #auspol

Surprisingly, Julian Assange is still serious about running for the Australian Senate, despite being holed up in the Ecuadoran embassy in London. It would probably cost the Greensparty a seat either in Victoria or New South Wales.

Suspected Gaza Collaborators Face a Grisly Fate

Israel-haters or the hopelessly naive -from bolshie backbenchers in the ALP caucus to the United Nations high command – have just rewarded with elevated international status an aspiring country where those suspected of “collaborating with the Jews” are shot in

Andrew Wilkie thinks everyone else in Canberra is corrupt #auspol

When the ALP and Libs in Tasmania are contemplating whether to give preferences to Andrew Wilkie should he run again in Denison, we hope they note this outrageous speech given by the “independent” politician. He is a sleazebag.

THE SLIPPER DROPS: But conservative dreams of an early election go unfulfilled

Nick Mack is outraged about the smears against Tony Abbott being a misogynist and thinks middle Australia isn't buying the latte sipper talking points.

BRISBANE BUZZES: Was James Ashby paid $50,000 to make his sexual harassment complaint against Slipper?

Political insiders are well aware of widespread talk that Speaker Peter Slipper's harassment/Cabcharge accuser James Ashby was paid $50,000 (with promise of free legals) to initiate Federal Court proceedings against him. Ashby - and those associated with him - could be getting into all sorts of trouble if it's true.


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