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REVEALED: MP Andrew Wilkie’s cross-dressing secrets (with photographs)

Andrew Wilkie gives up his sheep's clothing to put on a pretty pink dress. VEXNEWS reveals why.

Protected: SIR JOH WOULD BE SPINNING IN HIS GRAVE: Another porn row engulfs candidate in Queensland poll dance

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

CRAZY LIKE A FOX: Bob Katter’s “epic scam on Australia’s political and media elite” revealed

Those thinking Bob Katter made a mistake or has committed some kind of political war-crime by running out an ad opposing gay marriage ought reconsider.

THE SPEW PARADIGM: Independents squirming like pigs on market day

Nick Mack is unimpressed with the country member independents and gives them a serve.

Katter to adoring fans: “All you good looking sheilas are here because you knew I was in town”

Bob Katter mobbed by cheering bingo ladies as his Australia party emerges as a real player in the Queensland election….…

Katter hearts Kathy claims The Australian

The Australian suggests maverick country member Bob Katter has invited HSU national secretary and occasional ALP preselection candidate Kathy Jackson to join his Australia party.

WHAT could have been. Health Services Union national secretary (and Craig Thomson nemesis) Kathy Jackson

NO SOUP FOR YOU: Coalition tensions in Lyne cost two generous party donors dinner with Tony Abbott

It's not just asylum seekers who struggle to get a dinner date with Tony Abbott even when they've generously paid for the privilege. This time, Coalition tensions in country member Rob Oakeshott's seat are blamed for a snafu that left two prominent donors to the conservative cause in a 'no-soup-for-you' situation. It'd be enough to make Oakeshott's independent colleague Andrew Wilkie do a Hitler salute.

Tibet desperate

Labor’s proud champion of human rights Michael Danby speaks truth to Beijing’s menacing power over Tibet….…

IN PLAIN SIGHT: Andrew Wilkie’s crew dresses to the left

Those hoping Andrew Wilkie would do the Coalition any favours should check out his staff.

TRASH TALKER: Andrew Wilkie got 13,000 votes at the last election, entitling him to tell Australians how to live

Andrew Wilkie's assertion that the PM had "trashed democracy" by daring to have a trial for his radical, intrusive and unproven pokies ID scheme is a powerful reminder of just how perverted our democratic processes have become because of cross-benchers like him. Wilkie got 13,788 votes at the last federal election. Does this give him the right to tell a country of 20 million how to live their lives?


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