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Alex Somlyay v Peter Slipper grudge match

Alex Somlyay’s hatred for Peter Slipper is scaling new heights of fury now that his nemesis has got himself the Speaker’s job.

He’s released letters he wrote in 2009 accusing Slipper of being erratic and a drunk and such.

And …

GONE TO WATER: Xenophon’s claims of Church sex cover-up proven false, now he’s ducking the issue

Senator Xenophon had a lot to say when using parliamentary privilege to falsely accuse a Catholic Monsignor of rape and the Church of cover-up. His claims have been thoroughly investigated, with interviews of 29 relevant witnesses and an extensive review of documents from the time. One of South Australia's leading QC's has found Xenophon to have substantially misrepresented the situation. Will he apologise?

POWER JUNKIE WILKIE: “Independent” was desperate to keep PM Gillard’s neck in his noose of nuisance

Despite styling himself as a "whistleblower," power-maddie Andrew Wilkie isn't beyond attempting sneaky, sleazy, secret schemes of his own that he fails to disclose to the public.

Big win for Swan on tax as Wilkie blinks

Agenda-free Fairfaxia reports on the government’s big win on the mining tax: “After being lobbied extensively by the smaller miners, Mr Wilkie forced the government to lift the profit threshold at which the tax will apply from $50 million to

PAYDIRT: Mining tax looks doomed with Wilkie hitting the jackpot

The government's mining tax could be doomed, with wild rumours circulating that Andrew Wilkie was switched after smooth-talking by mining billionaires and what some say is the offer of massive financial backing for Wilkie's future political battles.

XENOPHON SHAME: Rape accuser says Senator’s meddling makes justice impossible

Even "Archbishop" Hepworth, whose sex assault claims Senator Nick Xenophon repeated under parliamentary privilege, now "regrets" the public naming of the supposed perpetrator. Will the Senator do the decent thing and resign over the scandal?

PUT UP OR SHUT UP: Senate abused by Xenophon over untested sex abuse claims

Senator Nick Xenophon seems to believe he is equipped to judge the guilt or innocence of a man accused of rape by an accuser some forty-five years after the alleged event. We judge him guilty of being drunk on power.

JOKESHOT: It’s a shame we can’t live export Rob Oakeshott

Country member of the House of Representatives Rob Oakeshott revealed his inner fool once again yesterday, inadvertently or recklessly nearly taking out a well-regarded Speaker, embarrassing the government, inconveniencing the Opposition and making Club Fed in its entirety look even less adequate than normal.

EARLY POLL: Abbott won’t rule out no-compete deal with Oakeshott

vano_phelpsEarlier this month, being first with the worst, VEXNEWS reported that “enterprising National party strategists” were contemplating an arrangement with country members Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor where they withdrew their support for the government, brought on an early election …

ALL HAT NO CATTLE: Tassie media darling turned politician exposed

Tasmania's least credible commentator on anything and everything, a rent-a-quote whom no-one wants to hire, Paul Mason, despite being sacked as Childrens' Commissioner for poor performance is now running for the Legislative Council in an act of, what critics call, calculated revenge. His agenda includes banning women from drinking, requiring prostitute clients to have a medical certificate establishing their need for the service and converting most of Tasmania's roads to dead-ends.


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