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Imams pray at Auschwitz for Holocaust dead

From all over the world they came, Muslim leaders, Imams from Bosnia, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the US and knelt in prayer for the Holocaust dead at the site of the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp.

Socialist nirvana Venezuela runs out of toilet paper

Venezuela has run out of toilet paper. Socialism is to blame.

Forces loyal to Syria’s Assad regime and its Jihadist opponents clash – in Australia

Australia is a long distance from Syria and yet some Australians are taking the civil war there all too seriously…

Qantas will fly 1M+ Australians to Dubai this year – is it safe for women?

Because Qantas and Emirates have done a deal that means Australians flying to Europe will stop – even if just in transit – in Dubai.

But as this Seven “Sunday Night” broadcast illustrates, it isn’t safe for women there. If …

UN urges people to eat insects to fight world hunger

UN urges people to eat insects to fight world hunger

Protesters admits “there isn’t really any connection” between Max Brenner in Australia and Israel

“There isn’t really any connection” between Max Brenner chocolate shops and Israel, admits leading Israel-hater Patrick Harrison outside a protest.

Check out this excellent video.

Ex Press TV reporter blows the whistle on Iran’s propaganda channel

“When Vexnews wrote about Edwina Storie, the news reached Persian websites and exploded like a bomb on social media…”

BRING IT ON: Iran declares war on VEXNEWS

The official organ of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Press TV, has hilariously denounced VEXNEWS as a tool of "Western imperialism and global Zionism" for uncovering their Sydney correspondent, Edwina Storie's illustrious history of glamour modelling. Are you ready to rumble?

Man loses life savings on carnival game

A man lost his life savings of $2600 playing a game in a travelling carnival, having won only a large-sized grinning stuffed banana with dreadlocks. Naturally, none of it is his fault and he is contemplating a lawsuit.

Sydney Uni professor implicated in mass organ theft from executed prisoners in China

China’s not the only country that executes prisoners. But it is the only in the habit of making the family pay for the bullet that kills the prisoner. And it is the only one that systematically harvests the organs of …


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