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“SHOCKED AND TRAUMATISED”: Edwina Storie speaks out after VEX uncovered her double life, sources say she’s ready to press flush on PressTV

Press TV's unlikely correspondent Edwina Storie has spoken out exclusively to VEXNEWS about her reaction to last week's globally viral story on her exploits. It appears the Iranian propaganda channel will not have the pleasure of Ms Storie's company for much longer.

NEVER-ENDING STORIE: Our Edwina Storie yarn goes off and so do her tweets

Edwina Storie, the Iranian regime's young propagandist operating out of Sydney, is covering up parts of her history of online romping. Is it too little too late for PressTV's first glamour model correspondent?

Trial begins for Obama, Hillary staffers on alleged 2008 nomination fraud

The state of Indiana has tough hurdles to jump for those wanting to run in presidential primaries there. Prosecutors and whistleblowers say officials working for then candidates Obama and Hillary Clinton forged potentially hundreds of signatures to get on the

STRANGE STORIE: Sydney glamour model Edwina Storie doubles up as Iranian regime propaganda TV “reporter”

The Islamic Republic of Iran's propaganda satellite news channel PressTV has a new Sydney correspondent, Edwina Storie, who appears to have omitted to tell the mad mullahs a few things before they hired her. VEXNEWS is first with the worst.

David Cameron gives backing to £15million Thatcher museum

UK PM David Cameron has announced government backing for a £15million Thatcher museum, modelled on the inspiring Reagan Presidential Library.

Danes Rethink a Welfare State Ample to a Fault

The state paying people not to work should always be a last resort. Increasingly, the welfare statist champion, of Denmark, are of that view….…

Iceland’s frozen economy warmed up by a popular online game that has swept the world

One of few bright spots in the Icelandic economy is the globally popular massively multi-player online game ‘Eve Online.’ It employs 600 people or 0.2% of Iceland’s population. Nearly half a million people play it every day, more than live

The 24-Hour Swedish Kindergartens That Cater To Parent (And Market) Demand

Good food, that parents can eat, 24-hour service, engaged kids, well-informed parents are all of part of kindergarten service in Sweden..

Not all aspects would satisfy the regulatory demands in place in Australia but surprisingly given the Swedish reputation …

WHO PAYS THE PIPER CALLS THE TUNE: Sydney Uni takes Beijing loot, bans Dalai Lama from premises

Universities are increasingly reliant on non-government sources of funds. It's no bad thing, necessarily. In Sydney Uni's case, they've taken millions from a controversial arm of the Chinese government and have banned Beijing critic and Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama from its premises to keep them sweet. It's a dark day, indeed, for academic freedom.

Cutting our friends loose in Afghanistan

The US is leaving Afghanistan. Those who worked closely with America face terrible danger if they cannot escape to the Land of the Free. Most are being denied entry. .…


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