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Would ban on “property developer” candidates include those adding a granny flat to backyard? #nswpol

NSW Labor is still reeling from corruption scandals so a “blanket ban on property developers” as candidates has been proposed. Would this include anyone adding significantly to their own home? Adding a granny flat? Or even those who subdivide their

PM to attend Hazel Hawke’s funeral on day scheduled for last caucus meeting before federal poll

The Opposition has granted PM Gillard a pair for June 25th, so she can attend Hazel Hawke’s funeral. This also happens to be the last scheduled caucus meeting before the planned federal election.

Comrades Bramston & Kenny proven right in ‘Cut & Paste’ while lesser mortals are shamed #ausmedia

The PM’s bold attempted circuit-breaker public foreshadowing of the federal election date won much praise from the Canberra Press Gallery at the time.

The Australian’s Cut & Paste column today even-handedly reminds Fairfax and News Limited folk like Dennis Atkins …

SNEAK PREVIEW: VIP ALP must-see staffer diary sneak-leaked to VEXNEWS

Senior federal government staffers are Very Important People. Just ask them. Some are so important - and erudite - that they have at least a book or two in them. Dr Professor Jim Chalmers PhD (Hons) important work named in honour of a Springsteen anthem 'Glory Days', sneak-leaked to your favourite news source offers some important insights into what went wrong with the Labor government.

Tony Abbott’s closest ally urges increase in GST #auspol

Without Nick Michin, Tony Abbott would never have got to be party leader, so his call to broaden and increase the GST is a significant clue to the direction of Coalition policy.

While Labor will try to exploit

FAKE SHEIKH: Fears Greensparty ACT Senate candidate Simon Sheikh sought loot from Obeid for GetUp! cash stash

Ex ALP NSW Right operative turned ACT Greensparty candidate Simon Sheikh is rumoured to have hit up controversial former NSW Right chieftain and multi-millionaire Eddie Obeid as part of a GetUp! fundraising drive.

GELLIBRAND: Bad news is that Kimba lost, Good news is VEXNEWS is back in rude form

It half-killed us not to write about the Gellibrand preselection but now it's over, normal transmission resumes.

CHARGED: Three Age journos and prominent Greensparty boss charged over VEXNEWS Herald Sun hacking revelations

Three Age journos and Greensparty honcho Fraser Brindley have been criminally charged with hacking the ALP's voter database. Please keep your amusement in the comments to a dignified and judicially restrained minimum and note the four are entitled to the presumption of innocence, even here.

WITLESS: Gough didn’t die but federal Labor had its latest near-death experience

Simon Crean was brave and may somehow have done something useful. Kevin Rudd did the right thing by pulling his head in. Just another day in paradise.

UGLY: Fin Review plays race card on Obeid

If Eddie Obeid broke the law, he should be punished. But the guilt-by-association frenzy that swirls around the former NSW MP is getting very, very ugly, substantially fed by NSW ICAC headline addicts.

In today’s supposedly respectable Financial Review, their …


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