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HILL OF HORROR: Scribes and pollies in race to the bottom #auspol #ausmedia

Dennis Atkins puts it best: “YESTERDAY was the sixth consecutive Parliamentary sitting day when no one did anything about the Labor leadership. Today looks like being the seventh.”

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Powerless “power broker” Feeney under fire from ABC studio audience of hipsters & miscreants

The ABC's Q&A show can be a tough gig. This was amply demonstrated by Senator David Feeney's first appearance.

Laurie Ferguson gives young challenger a brutal preselection thrashing #auspol

Precocious lefty Damian Ogden thought he’d shame Laurie Ferguson out of running for Werriwa given all the trouble in western Sydney and his length of service.

In a Troy Bramston piece that was sympathetic to the young campaigner, he quoted …

DUMMY-SPITS: The Age’s Clay Lucas secret Labor right-winger shame exposed

The Age's Clay Lucas has not fully disclosed his fascinating political past. We do it for him.

LABOR’S LOSS: Latham ought never have been leader but could have been a legend

Labor’s boning of Beazley and unwise over-promotion of the very talented Rudd and Latham are central to the difficulties the ALP has faced since 2007.

This is increasingly the view Labor people have of the past six years where they …

WHO’S IN CHARGE OF THE ASYLUM? We predicted trouble and now there’s plenty of it for everyone on refugees

Last November, our Canberra correspondent Nick Mack, warned that there was plenty of potential political trouble ahead for the government in releasing asylum seekers, prior to departmental character assessments, into the community. He's been proven correct although after a couple of mis-steps, it's not been quite the winner for the Coalition they might have hoped.

THE GREATER FOOL: Crikey’s errorist Bernard Keane blown up by his own madness and prejudice

Making telcos and ISPs keep customer data so we can track down terrorists doesn't seem that controversial to us. But it has provoked considerable excitement from those who think they're being watched while engaged in a bit of late-night web-surfing. We arbitrarily pick on one.

GO FIGURE: Greensparty demands miners pay more so plans to vote against scrapping miners’ tax lurk #auspol

Logic can be the first thing out the window when engaged in political cunning stunts. The Greensparty wants mining taxed a lot more, to help kill off an industry they don’t like, and has told the government it has decided

VILLAINOUS: Bob Brown claims “Green is the new Labor”

Greensparty former leader Bob Brown has gone on the offensive, describing his opponents as "downright villains" and arguing that his party - the recipient of multi-million dollar donations from near-billionaires - is the "new Labor."

Bob Ellis on Labor’s NSW Right #auspol

While incorrectly ascribing former NSW minister Ian Macdonald to the NSW Right, Bob Ellis does make a good argument about the moral panic surrounding them and NSW Labor generally at the moment.

He writes:

The New South Wales Right gave


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