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Laurie Ferguson MP: “My style of politics is to be in the office all of the time” #auspol

Any politician who says: “My style of politics is to be in the office all of the time” should probably not stay in office much longer. Veteran Labor Lefty federal MP for Werriwa Laurie Ferguson has displeased his factional comrades

There’s every chance the MP accused of child porn offences will get off on a technicality #saparli

After getting his committal for trial quashed by the SA Supreme Court, there’s every chance the state MP accused of child porn offences will be acquitted on complex legal grounds that reveal fatal flaws in South Australian law.:…

Better Place rival says Thornley’s venture was always doomed

The boss of a rival firm to Evan Thornley’s corporate catastrophe, Better Place, says the strategy was fatally flawed from the get-go:

ChargePoint Australia chief executive James Brown said he couldn’t comment on Better Place’s problems.

“Their business model is

HUMOUR ATTACKED: Those frothing at the mouth over Tim Mathieson should get over themselves

Our Nick Mack defends to the death the Prime Minister's consort right to impersonate Prince Phillip to his heart's content. There's much more to it than an off-colour joke, he explains. It's about who we are.

WORD SPREADS LIKE HUMUS: Better Place Australia might be dead but Evan Thornley’s felafel love lives on

As VEXNEWS told you a while ago, Evan Thornley's demise as Better Place global CEO means that Better Place Australia is doomed. The party is well and truly over.

When not talking up the odious Palestinian regime, Labor’s Dr Andrew Leigh has interesting things to say #auspol

Labor’s Dr Andrew Leigh is a thoughtful and significant contributor in Club Fed on economic and social policy matters even if his foreign policy antics last year were stunningly stupid and inept, boosting the appalling Palestinian regime just weeks after

When will the next federal election be? #auspol

Next federal poll could be as early as 3rd August and as late as 30th November 2013, with a double dissolution impossible..…

SLITHERER SQUISHED: Federal Court annihilates James Ashby and his lawyer of sleaze

James Ashby is a lying liar who lies. That is all.

ROLLING THEM IN: 1.5 million Australians to be automatically enrolled under Labor’s new voting laws

New federal laws that provide for automatic enrolment of voters will add an estimated 1.5 million new voters, mainly young people, to the roll and boost the Greensparty and ALP vote, especially in the inner-city, according to The Australian.

L PLATES: VEX despicably denounced by Age zoophile suspect with car canard

It probably won't surprise VEXNEWS readers to learn that many of those currently in the employ of the disgraced Health Services Union leadership are inclined to lie on occasion. When those lies are about our beloved publisher, naturally The Age is all over them like one of the rashes that once spread through the HSU office with itchy speed.


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