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WHO’S IN CHARGE OF THE ASYLUM? We predicted trouble and now there’s plenty of it for everyone on refugees

Last November, our Canberra correspondent Nick Mack, warned that there was plenty of potential political trouble ahead for the government in releasing asylum seekers, prior to departmental character assessments, into the community. He's been proven correct although after a couple of mis-steps, it's not been quite the winner for the Coalition they might have hoped.

SINODINOS: Don’t throw Arthur out with the Obeid bath-water

Liberal Senator Arthur Sinodinos has been caught up in the hysterical moral panic about the Obeids created by NSW ICAC. He ought not be its victim.

DANGEROUS TERRITORY: Zed boned Gary, will Gary now be able to bone Zed? #auspol

The ACT Liberal preselection could be overturned as boned incumbent Gary Humphries has said he’d contest a second preselection if one was held.

This is despite telling the press he’d abide by the result which saw Humphries’ former protege Zed …

Losers attack ACT Senate preselection as “unfair and corrupt” #auspol

ACT Liberal Senate preselection has seen the non-surprise rolling of incumbent Senator Gary Humphries in favour of Zed Seselja. Humphries’ backers – in the tradition of these things – has denounced the supposed procedural rorts used against them and have

TOUGH TERRITORY: In politics, winning can be just the start of trouble

For all but the best, in politics, you can go from hero to zero at light-speed. Most Australian governments are in serious political trouble despite our economy - for now - seen by outsiders as a shining beacon of prosperity in a financial-crisis recovering world.

Sophie Mirabella accused of meddling in local council after describing past council as “evil” #auspol

Unusual letters from Liberal frontbencher Sophie Mirabella where she congratulated one group of councillors for defeating “evil” rivals who she claimed were involved in a “protection racket.”.

VEXNEWS has previously reported on Ms Mirabella’s active involvement in the council,

DAY OF ATONEMENT: Mortal enemies John Howard & Pyne kiss & make up to celebrate Christopher’s 20 glorious years

Former PM John Howard once hated once-youthful ambition-machine Christopher Pyne. As the nation readies for its longest ever national election campaign - called for September 14th - the Jewish Day of Atonement - it appears Pyne and Howard have atoned to such an extent the former PM has agreed to be Guest of Honour at Christopher Pyne's glittering celebration of his 20 years in Parliament.

WHAT A WICKED WEB THEY FORGE: The Age shamed over use of forged email in smear on MP

The Age has embarrassed itself beyond all normal measure by relying on a forged email to smear a Victorian Liberal MP.

“Pigs, like anyone, they don’t mind a drink”: NT politician reckons rum can bring back the porkers from Macca’s

Colourful Liberal NT Senator Nigel Scullion, who reckons he’s caught a pig or two, demands that fugitive lost pigs in Darwin who have been frequenting local McDonald’s, roads and golf courses, be given rum to drink to aid in their

HELL HATH NO FURY: Adele Carles dobs in ex-lover Troy Buswell for drunkenly “dry-humping” Perth millionaire

Just in time for Christmas, the ex Greensparty MP Adele Carles who shagged WA Liberal minister Troy Buswell - in a most unlikely coupling - is starting to blab about the dirty deets of their indecent liaison to Perth political scribes. Hilarity has ensued.


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