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Backlash against “rigged” local government referendum grows #auspol

Tim Wilson from the IPA speaks for many worried about the integrity of the local government constitutional referendum, where the Yes case will receive $10M+ of taxpayers’ and ratepayers’ funds while the No case will only get $500K.

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MAYNE COURSE: Greedy Melbourne councillor Stephen Mayne under corruption cloud over rorting free-meals entitlement at Town Hall

Melbourne councillor Stephen Mayne could be one of the first local politicians referred to the new Victorian Independent Broad-based Commission Against Corruption following revelations he's been rorting little-known, very expensive and lavish "internal sustenance arrangements" at the Town Hall.

MIKE TYLER CHARGED: Casey CEO to be boned if found guilty of sex cover-up crimes

A powerful Victorian local government bureaucrat has been charged with illegally covering up an expensive legal settlement with one of his sexual harassment victims. VEXNEWS explores our role in his imminent downfall.

MAYNIAC STRIKES AGAIN: Failed attempt at corrupting MAV vote blows up in Stephen Mayne’s face

Strange-cat councillor Stephen Mayne has been caught out attempting to corrupt the Municipal Association of Victoria presidential ballot. Naturally, VEXNEWS is there. UPDATE: Mayne lost. Badly.

Sophie Mirabella accused of meddling in local council after describing past council as “evil” #auspol

Unusual letters from Liberal frontbencher Sophie Mirabella where she congratulated one group of councillors for defeating “evil” rivals who she claimed were involved in a “protection racket.”.

VEXNEWS has previously reported on Ms Mirabella’s active involvement in the council,

ACID BURNS: Local council puts bite on drug-addled Rainbow Serpent music festival

The informal pharmaceuticals trade must be horrified about the prospect of the Rainbow Serpent Festival being cancelled due to a local council's decision not to grant them a permit. Will the hairy yoof of Melbourne and their drug dealers prevail over the country cardigan wearers? Developing...

A CASEY OF HATE: Local councillor Sam Aziz attacks Islam and invites fiery preacher Danny Nalliah to address council

Sam Aziz, a local councillor in Melbourne's notorious Casey council, has told journalists that Islam is horrifying and appears to have pre-judged his opposition to proposals for a mosque. He's also trying to liven up the occasionally Fight Club style theatrics of the Kath 'n' Kim council with a shock plan to invite anti-Muslim fanatic preacher Danny Nalliah to address the council. What could possibly go wrong?

RATEPAYERS RIPPED: Infamous Casey council loses $3 million in failed footy pokies scheme

Victoria's most notorious local council, the City of Casey, has lent $3 million of ratepayers' money to a football club for a pokies venture that failed. There's next to no chance the money will be repaid, with the Herald Sun reporting the club is on the verge of financial collapse.

Melton council removes Jill Meagher memorial

Any doubt Australia is over-governed is removed by this horrid effort by the Melton council which has unilaterally removed a memorial plaque installed by stonemason Joe Trovato, honouring Jill Meagher..…

IN THE FAMILY: Mirabella MP’s allies seize control of Wangaratta council, could bone CEO and replace him with husband

Federal MP for Indi, Sophie Mirabella, has seized control of the Wangaratta council, insiders say, with rising speculation in the regional centre that her allies want to appoint job-seeker Greg Mirabella, her husband, to a senior post at the council.


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