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FAIRFAX EGG ON FACE: Doyle landslide despite The Age’s mudslide

The Age's rage against Robert Doyle fell on deaf ears when Melbourne ratepayers cast their vote. Their power is waning, and we're not just talking about the power outage at their production facility We reflect on their putrid campaign of vilification against the Lord Mayor's team and what the future might hold for all of them.

HE DOESN’T GET IT: Melbourne Planning boss Ken Ong thinks a developer offer of discounted apartment isn’t a bribe

Kenong2The more Melbourne planning chair councillor and Baillieu faction Liberal operative Ken Ong talks, the more it appears obvious his values are totally alien to what most people would accept as ethical.

Ong told Radio Australia yesterday that he didn’t

UNFIT FOR OFFICE: Melbourne council Planning czar Ken Ong admits silence on corruption

A Melbourne councillor on the verge of being re-elected has been talking up a storm about corruption in planning as revenge for not being included on Robert Doyle's councillor ticket. His enthusiasm for raking the muck was such that he unwittingly ended up exposing himself as being engaged in a corrupt conspiracy of silence over a bribe attempt. It was enough to have us looking for appropriate Chinese proverbs.

WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE: Disgraced Liberal ex-MP Andrew Olexander still going for the Green

OlexanderNotorious former Liberal MP Andrew Olexander continues to give his love to the Greensparty, this week pledging to support their candidates in City of Melbourne council elections despite being on a $60,000 parliamentary pension for life courtesy of his …

VOLCANIC MAGNER: Serial Greensparty candidate Damian Magner explodes in denial over Greens council endorsement

Northern suburbs Greensparty apparatchik Damian Magner exploded at a Banyule council pre-poll voting facility this week, furiously denying any connection with the increasingly on-the-nose extreme-left ostensibly environmentalist party. Locals say he's a neighbourhood Pol Pot.

GREENSPARTY THATCHERITE: Council wannabe Eve Fisher wants to slash council jobs, services and staff wages

The Greensparty continue to get found out, with candidates and policies that barely withstand any scrutiny. In surfer haven Torquay, an officially endorsed Greensparty candidate wants to slash Surf Coast Shire jobs, the services council staff provide and even staff wages in a frenzy most unexpected from the party that pretends to be more "progressive" than the major parties.

CUNNING STUNT: Liberals in Melbourne inner-city run anti-development front group “Unchain” in alliance with Greensparty

The sneakiness of some involved in local council elections is a delight to behold. In Port Phillip council, famous for hiring a white witch management consultant, local Liberals have seized control of anti-development community group and even do preference deals with the Greensparty in order to get elected in an area full of herbal lefties and loud objectors to development of any kind.

MIDNIGHT BLUES: Geelong Tories caught in tall stories about being “independent”

Ange Kakouros is a bouncer made good, a Liberal on the rise and might even make a good Geelong councillor. But his claim to be "independent" has all the credibility of creative accountant and corrupt state MP Geoff Shaw recently found to have rorted his parliamentary vehicle entitlement after the Herald Sun's Peter Rolfe's knock-out investigation. A VEXNEWS investigator busted the security entrepreneur red-handed with stinky ink on his fingers.

THE JOKER IS HE: Greensparty clowncillor Trent McCarthy does dirty deal with Liberal then fails to lodge preferences on time

An ambitious local Greensparty politician in the northern suburbs of Melbourne tried to do a sleazy preference swap with a notional political rival in the Liberal party. Hilarity ensued when the politician - an occasional stand-up comedian - failed to lodge the preferences on time, leading him to threaten and bully electoral officials who didn't see the joke.

TRICKY, TACKY GREENS: Greensparty says CCTV is waste of money as cops use it to search for Jill Meagher

As Police use CCTV to desperately locate Jill Meagher, the Greensparty have decreed CCTV a waste of money. UPDATE: Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has said he'll look at it installing more CCTV cameras in light of how vital they've been in trying to find Jill Meagher.


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