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BARE-FOOT CHEEK: Greensparty billion-dollar binge-spender accounting scholar could seize Melbourne’s Town Hall and make us all walk

Melbourne could wake up to the horrifying sight of a Greensparty Lord Mayor if they're not careful. Accounting scholar Alison Parkes will struggle to cost the multi-billion dollar spending binge and traffic-banning policies of her party but the numbers could add up for her if conservative candidates don't do the right thing with their preferences.

Disgraced ex-councillor Stephen Mayne’s failed $1M council land privatisation push exposed

Disgraced former Manningham councillor and Greensparty ally Stephen Mayne was seen in the Melbourne City council gallery last night and following that was spotted by VEXNEWS eye-witnesses leaving the offices of pollster Gary Morgan on Collins Street in the dead …

ULTIMATE IRONY: Internet slagger Stephen Mayne threatens defamation action

MaynegamblingDisgraced former Manningham councillor Stephen Mayne sent an email to colleagues and council staff suggesting he had a “very strong compensation case based on all these allegations of criminality” that is – to use his words – “presuming I’m not …

The pain of Mayne

20120804-164911.jpgDisgraced ex-Manningham councillor Stephen Mayne has quit the council he dragged into the gutter the past three years.

The reason?

Because of an extensive complaint made against him by long-suffering Manningham councillors who’d been bullied and terrorised by him since …

LEAKER SPRAYED: Stephen Mayne expects puff piece, only to have it blow up in his face

Leaked council emails and his Tweets suggest Stephen Mayne was left somewhat upset about a piece in the Sunday Age he had hoped would sing his praises.

PUTTING ON THE WRITS: Multiple faux pas to please lawyers and remind us the death of Fairfax is quite a jolly affair

When the best part of Fairfax embarrasses itself with nonsensical claims from a union boss once talked up by tabloids but increasingly seen as a bad joke and the worst of it reminds us why patriots everywhere hate it, should anyone wonder why very many Australians will dance a VEXNEWS jig when the company is put out of its misery some time very soon. Viva Los Gina!

Stephen Mayne creates “toxic environment” on Manningham council

Where there’s Stephen Mayne, there’s pain, it seems. Manningham’s council loses another councillor as Jessica Villareal quits citing the “toxic environment” created by Stephen Mayne.

PETROL POWER: Local government good governance boss denies nepotism and favouritism claims

Some in local government circles get very grumpy that the Municipal Association of Victoria doesn't apply the standards of their own rhetoric to their own internal governance. We explore the quietly seething world of the MAV, and explore claims the CEO got his son a well-paying job in the organisation in charge of the sensitive area of procurement, while sponsoring the same son's Formula Ford race car.

TED DOES GOOD: Sparing Brimbank agony earns Baillieu kudos in Melbourne’s west

Credit where it's due: The Victorian Coalition government could have had a lot of fun setting Labor up for a fall by holding a Brimbank council election later in the year where multiple competing Labor-aligned groups and the notoriously racist SunRRA ginger group would all have duked it out viciously. But it appears they've resisted political temptation to do what's best. Kudos.

MAYNE SHAME: Governance crusader wants development on open space, dissenters boned and threatens to quit council early

Stephen Mayne really is a bad egg. He pretends to be a governance and accountability crusader when on the ABC but when actually trusted with public office, as a sleazy local councillor, he tries to slam through controversial and unpopular development proposals, wants to "sanction" those in the community who oppose his view and frequently threatens to spit the dummy and resign in protest.


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