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An Online Upstart Roils French Media, Politics

An Online Upstart Roils French Media, Politics.

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THE LAST POST: Landeryou boned by the faceless men of VEXNEWS

Your beloved Editor-in-Chief, Andrew Landeryou, has been sacked by unanimous vote of the VEXNEWS Editorial Advisory Board. We give him one last rant to claim credit, idly boast, tell a few war-stories and ride off into the sunset.

THE AGE HACKING SCANDAL: Journalist-hackers from The Age set to confess their alleged crimes in plea-bargain

When The Age hackers were first accused of hacking offences, they denied it. Then they claimed it was in the 'public interest' and would be fighting it all the way when they were charged by prosecutors. Now, as their day of justice draws closer, the hackers now seem ready to confess their alleged crimes in a desperate bid to avoid jail.

Social media is making once all-powerful Chinese politicians very scared

In China, so many officials are falling to scandals revealed by social media that shaking them down pre-scandal is becoming an industry..

Pics of them getting up to no good with mistresses are so popular that sometimes Photoshop is …

FURORE: Academic study says Aussie journos are a bunch of lefties, especially at the ABC

A university study on the political inclinations of Australian journos has caused quite a stir, especially its findings on the ABC's editorial staff.

THE AGE HACKING SCANDAL: The Age’s criminal defendants disrespect court with “no-show”

Charged with crimes that could get them two years imprisonment, three arrogant Fairfax journos and a senior Greensparty operative and state government bureaucrat didn't bother attending the Melbourne Magistrates Court for the first hearing Thursday.

PROTESTS TOO MUCH: Lefty Jonathan Green insists his & ABC’s journalism is unbiased

Jonathan Green is far from the most odious of the ABCistas. But his insistence that his form of lefty journalism is impartial and all-knowing and that conservatives are ignorant and corrupted by propagandising is tiresome and clearly contradicted by the evidence.

BRING IT ON: Iran declares war on VEXNEWS

The official organ of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Press TV, has hilariously denounced VEXNEWS as a tool of "Western imperialism and global Zionism" for uncovering their Sydney correspondent, Edwina Storie's illustrious history of glamour modelling. Are you ready to rumble?

Fairfax dissident says he’s being targeted with physical attacks #ausmedia

A Fairfax reporter, Paddy Manning, sacked for speaking out against current management practices, says he has been “targeted” after his car’s tyres were slashed twice and a possible culprit attacked a neighbour with a hammer..…

“SHOCKED AND TRAUMATISED”: Edwina Storie speaks out after VEX uncovered her double life, sources say she’s ready to press flush on PressTV

Press TV's unlikely correspondent Edwina Storie has spoken out exclusively to VEXNEWS about her reaction to last week's globally viral story on her exploits. It appears the Iranian propaganda channel will not have the pleasure of Ms Storie's company for much longer.


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