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QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Powerless “power broker” Feeney under fire from ABC studio audience of hipsters & miscreants

The ABC's Q&A show can be a tough gig. This was amply demonstrated by Senator David Feeney's first appearance.

THE NEWS CAPER: Stephen Conroy is the least of their problems

The whole news market is in the midst of a massive upheaval. More regulation from Canberra, converting the functions of the Press Council into an arm of the federal government was always going to annoy media companies, on principle. The truth is that it's the least of their problems.

WAR ON ABBOTT: Fairfax scribe accuses Liberal leader of misogyny, homophobia & lying in one tweet #ausmedia


Shelly Horton is a high-profile Fairfax journalist, formerly of the ABC, who is apparently focused on celebrity gossip and lifestyle, as the editor of the Sun-Herald’s S magazine. She Tweets as well, and opined about Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s

The Fukushima 50 risked all to save Japan. They don’t speak to journos but Rick Wallace got them talking #ausmedia

The Australian’s Rick Wallace tells the amazing story of Fukishima 50, the men who marched into the hell of a stricken nuclear power plant to save Japan from nuclear catastrophe.

He also reveals today the Fukishima plant is very vulnerable

LET FREEDOM RING: VEXNEWS defeats intervention order by Les Twentyman

Frequent political candidate Les Twentyman didn't like what was written about him on VEXNEWS. So he applied for an intervention order that meant if he reported on him at all, your beloved publisher could be sentenced to two years imprisonment. The Magistrates Court today rejected his application, making the world just that little bit freer.

“I’M A BLOODY AXE MURDERER”: Baillieu’s chief-of-staff complains about VEXNEWS on secret audio recordings

Tony Nutt, Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu's Chief of Staff, reckons VEXNEWS has presented him as a "bloody axe murderer." That's not quite right but the fact that our publication looms so large in private political discussions among all parties is a powerful acknowledgement of what VEXNEWS has achieved in breaking the news that shakes the nation.

DUMMY-SPITS: The Age’s Clay Lucas secret Labor right-winger shame exposed

The Age's Clay Lucas has not fully disclosed his fascinating political past. We do it for him.

Delightful spat between editors of The Monthly & Fairfax’s Good Weekend over poaching, sexism, plagiarism, stalking

Editorial wunderkind Ben Naparstek left The Monthly to go to Fairfax’s Good Weekend, the profitable magazine supplement in its ailing metropolitan newspapers. He helped John van Tiggelen get the job replacing him at the well-regarded mag. Now van Tiggelen accuses

THE ABC OF IMPARTIAL REPORTING: Bashing Israel bruises our public broadcaster’s rep

Pretending far-left extremist Antony Loewenstein is a mainstream voice speaking on behalf of the Jewish community on Israel discredits the ABC.

THE GREATER FOOL: Crikey’s errorist Bernard Keane blown up by his own madness and prejudice

Making telcos and ISPs keep customer data so we can track down terrorists doesn't seem that controversial to us. But it has provoked considerable excitement from those who think they're being watched while engaged in a bit of late-night web-surfing. We arbitrarily pick on one.


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