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Ayn Rand is for ignorant brats

“To be an Ayn Rand groupie is to flaunt your immaturity, your ignorance, your desperation to justify greed or your lack of international travel.”

The Entrepreneurial Generation

Hipsters are not hippies, many are budding entrepreneurs who want to make things happen….…

HEATING UP: MPCCC matches Abbott’s simple slogans with intractable structures and interminable jargon

imageThere are nearly as many shades of opinion on the climate change/carbon-tax rainbow as there are members of the House of Representatives.

And yet we wonder if even the most enthusiastic cheer-leader for a unilaterally imposed jobs-exporting carbon-tax might have …

CHOKER: Abbott’s compelling case strangled by bad Workplace Relations plan

Some Liberal party insiders are convinced Tony Abbott has made a big mistake by surrendering to Labor on workplace relations, arguing that small business and many workers are worse-off under Labor's policies than they would be under Liberal reforms. Jason Gould makes the political case for sticking to your guns.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Biting battle in Aston as secular Liberal Left feeds religious Right to the lions

A war between patriot Christians and secular lions of the Liberal Left broke out over Aston and the result was a victory for the Left's Alan Tudge. Read on for a story of intrigue and betrayal...

GI JANE: Women fighting at the frontlines of war?

Women help defend Israel from the aggressive Arab dictatorships that menacingly surround that nation, including at the frontlines of war. But the Australian defence forces have been reluctant to deploy women in that capacity. Defence expert and veteran Sasha Uzunov looks at some of the issues behind the recent debate and reveals that many who present themselves as expert on the subject have very dubious credentials indeed.

FIX THIS: A dying man should be honoured not hunted

The outpouring of affection for generous business tycoon Richard Pratt in Melbourne has been truly heart-warming. But there's more than schmaltzy sentimentality at stake here. The conduct of a huge government agency and the man running it is rightly under scrutiny. And so is the kind of community we want to have. A petty, spiteful and vindictive one or one as generous as the life Richard Pratt has lived.

WE TASTE LEMON: Leading enviro-technologist pooh-poohs Better Place

A leading green technology expert argues that Better Place, a company that has raised US$200 million in venture capital, and is spending millions on high-priced executives, has limited chance of success.

FREEDOM WORKS: Current problems don’t change fundamental truths

While the global economy faces its worst crisis in our lifetime, we'd be unwise to forget what freedom has delivered.

BOSS PAY: Respected venture investor says best predictor of start-up success is low CEO pay…

Are bosses paid too much and should the state interfere with this? What damage could be done if they did?


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