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PATRIOTS ALL: Bush and Rudd remain partners in freedom

bush43 It is the policy of this website to thank America. To thank her for underwriting our national security in case we faced invasion or serious threat. To thank her for fighting for freedom on some of its most treacherous frontiers, …

BLAME GAME: Ng does what she does best – nothing

catherineng Catherine Ng has had seven years as chair of Melbourne’s Planning Committee to do something about alcohol-fuelled noise and violence that does so much to disturb residents and disrupt businesses in the Melbourne central business district.

She has presided over …

HATERS: Israel’s democracy denounced by rogue’s gallery of dictators

Kevin Rudd's government has joined with Cuba, North Korea, communist Laos, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Zimbabwe to condemn Israel at the UN and demand that it forcibly relocate Israeli citizens from certain areas on ethnic grounds.

OOPS: Journalist’s drunken tirade lands him in hot water

When journalists drink (and when don't they?), hilarity often ensues. A British journalist talking to camera while drunk has got himself into trouble or is there more to this story that meets the red eye?

NASTY: Royce Millar’s vicious attack on do-gooders highlights his own conflicts of interest

The Age's Royce Millar takes a very one-eyed approach to his reporting, critics say. He's even let his agenda lead him to accuse a highly regarded Geelong charity of acting dishonestly.

RESIGNED: Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff to leave

The Prime Minister's Chief of Staff David Epstein has resigned and will be replaced by Kevin Rudd's closest adviser Alister Jordan.

OBSESSED: Why are we so pre-occupied with US Presidential politics?

Christian Lyons wonders why we're so pre-occupied with US/UK elections but couldn't give a cold bowl of miso for elections Nihon.

INGRATE: Social conservative Labor MP finds his inner rat by joining Greens party in quest to hang on to Liberal heartland seat

A socially conservative pantsman Queensland Labor MP has joined the Greens party. And likens his move to Bob Dylan's shift to the electric guitar. Some think it's a cunning ploy to hang on to a seat that ought to be Liberal. Others wonder what it says about the unprincipled nature of Greens party politics.

CLASS ACT: Belinda Neal back in town (but avoiding Gosford pubs)

The embattled NSW federal MP Belinda Neal - whose complaints about woeful service at a Gosford pub turned  into a national scandal - has brilliantly fought back with an appearance on Australian Story.

ISLAMO ERRORISM: Never assume, it makes an ASS of U and ME

Irfan Yusuf seems to think you have to be Jewish to support the Jewish state. Tsk tsk.


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