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Being “actively engaged in politics” makes you happier #auspol

Being “actively engaged in politics” makes you happier, so says the director of the World Happiness Database.

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CLIVE WASTED: We so wanted to love Australia’s Ross Perot but he’s making it impossible

Clive Palmer could have been a contender if he'd positioned himself as a high-achieving champion of limited government, prosperity and aspiration. Instead his Palmer party is increasingly looking like a very silly, ill-considered vanity project that could leave him humiliated despite spending many millions of dollars at the next election. Is it too late for Clive Palmer's party to avoid becoming the next Titanic?

FURORE: Academic study says Aussie journos are a bunch of lefties, especially at the ABC

A university study on the political inclinations of Australian journos has caused quite a stir, especially its findings on the ABC's editorial staff.

ism infographic – a tale of two cows

This infographic uses two cows as a medium for explaining the various types of socio-economic systems.

TOUGH TERRITORY: In politics, winning can be just the start of trouble

For all but the best, in politics, you can go from hero to zero at light-speed. Most Australian governments are in serious political trouble despite our economy - for now - seen by outsiders as a shining beacon of prosperity in a financial-crisis recovering world.

Betfair says Coalition 77% chance of winning federal poll #auspol

Former Liberal staffer Daniel Bevan is getting into the election spirit, putting out a release shortly after the PM’s unexpected announcement this afternoon of the September 14th election date, pointing out that Betfair, which runs a nicely liquid market on …

LET FREEDOM RING: NCC now endorses free market

After decades of not being happy about economic reform in the Hawke/Keating era, the NCC's News Weekly has learned to love what they once scorned. Good for them.

Genopolitics suggests genes more likely to predict political opinions than longevity or alcoholism

There’s growing evidence to suggest that our political views can be inherited…

Tom Stafford, a lecturer in neuroscience in Britain explains:

The idea that political views have a genetic component is now widely accepted – or at least widely accepted

DREAM TEAM: Given a free choice from across parties, who would be in your fantasy Cabinet?

News.com.au innovators have extended readers the opportunity to nominate a Fantasy Cabinet giving VEXNEWS mischief makers a chance to shine.:


MAKING US RALPH: Horny old loser Ralph Blewitt’s lengthy custodial sentence could starve Asian sex industry

VEXNEWS exposé of the PM's principal embezzlement conspiracy theory promoter, Ralph Blewitt, as a "sex predator" has gained further national attention, this time in News Limited Sunday newspapers which have also revealed that his supposed partner-in-crime Bruce WIlson has said she nothing about it. Meanwhile, because it offers readers more pleasure than even dirty dog Ralph could get from a lithe young Balinese lady and a bottle of baby oil, we give Blewitt a fair old kicking and reprise past slimings while contemplating what the old goat appears not to have given much thought: that confessing to serious crimes could get you a serious custodial penalty.


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