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THEY DARE NOT SPEAK OUR NAME: Half-rebuttal on Peter Roebuck misses the point

Sunday Age denies white-washing the death of Peter Roebuck: “Both organisations (ABC and Fairfax) stand accused of glossing over circumstances related to his death, with some intimating that Fairfax and the ABC were protecting our own, even though, the complainants

Peter Roebuck’s respected mate speaks up but raises more questions than answers

The Australian’s true blue Christopher Pearson gives perhaps the first honest appraisal by someone giving Peter Roebuck the benefit of the doubt over claims he was engaged in sexual abuse of young people in his care. Pearson is someone whose

Peter Roebuck friend: “I did have concerns about leaving him with a house full of vulnerable young boys”

It keeps getting worse for those who’ve blindly defended disgraced dead Fairfax/ABC cricket commentator Peter Roebuck, ignoring his criminal history of physical and sexual abuse, and the terrible situation where he was paying nearly twenty young men to live in

Fairfaxista and Peter Roebuck defender Dylan Welch gets into the gutter

Fairfaxista and Peter Roebuck defender Dylan Welch gets into the gutter to retrieve lost President Obama security document which he got someone to insist was a ‘significant security breach.’. We don’t think Welch will be dressed in orange jumpsuits …

ROEBUCK VICTIM EMERGES: Fairfax/ABC must compensate the victims of their employee’s sex attack

Rather than gloat about how embarrassed Fairfax and the ABC ought to be about their disgraced cricket commentator Peter Roebuck, we'd rather focus on ensuring they compensate all the victims of what now appears to be his systematic physical and sexual abuse of young men in his care, who were lured to him because of the prestigious position he held with those media organisations.

Peter Roebuck’s sexual assault victim speaks out

The London Sun reports that Peter Roebuck’s sexual assault victim has claimed he was ‘cornered and sexually assaulted at a hotel in Cape Town, South Africa.’.

Saturday’s assault was said to be so serious he requested counselling. A source

GROUPIES STRIKE BACK: AFL players on notice after young woman reclaims her pride

VEXNEWS won't be publishing the widely circulated pictures of the AFL players from St Kilda in various states of nudity. Be we do think the young St Kilda fan caught in a web of sad exploitation should not be silenced and that the circumstances leading to her being so annoyed with the Club she loved be fully explored.

BOMBS FLY: Essendon Football Club board under siege from rebels

The board of the Essendon Football Club is surely as important a public office as any other in the land on which this site occasionally reports.

And they have been going through elections the last few weeks, that conclude today …

OUT OF THE DOG-HOUSE: NRL star Joel Monaghan may not have committed a crime in dog sex incident because bestiality not expressly forbidden in Canberra

NRL star Joel Monaghan will struggle to live down his drunken sex attack on a dog. But because the offence occurred in the Australian Capital Territory, it appears there will be no legal consequences because it's only jurisdiction in Australia that doesn't forbid bestiality.

JOEL MONAGHAN: The day NRL threw up in its mouth over dog sex pic

Canberra Raiders player Joel Monaghan appears to be in a photograph where he is depicted as being engaged in a sex act with a dog. While images can be manipulated on Photoshop, this one does appear to be genuine. Genuinely disturbing. VEXNEWS is first with the worst.


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