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Would ban on “property developer” candidates include those adding a granny flat to backyard? #nswpol

NSW Labor is still reeling from corruption scandals so a “blanket ban on property developers” as candidates has been proposed. Would this include anyone adding significantly to their own home? Adding a granny flat? Or even those who subdivide their

Tasmanians have had a gutful of the Greensparty #politas #auspol

Increasingly, the Greensparty is seen as being callously opposed to jobs, in Tasmania, huge rallies are being held to express concerns about their policies ruining the state.

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DECAYING: Greensparty indulges fluoride conspiracy theorists with call for inquiry

The Greensparty is attempting to undermine public confidence in the fluoridationof water despite strong endorsements for it by scientists, doctors, public health experts, dentists and the late Mrs Marsh. Political insiders say it's a cynical ploy to keep sweet with north coast NSW nuts who oppose fluoride and vaccinations and vote Greensparty.

BIG STINK: Victorian government promotes crap art

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but some might think state government support for the arts should not include taxpayer subsidies of ballet dancers being paid to empty their bowels into transparent receptacles as "performance art" in a contemporary art gallery. It seems apt the nation's crappest newspaper, The Age, was there to celebrate the occasion.

JAKE THE SNAKE DEAD: Tragic end to Victoria’s seediest and sleaziest sex shakedown saga

A sad end to a sorry saga. The bad lad who cost a Victorian MP his political career by attempting to shake him down for $15,000 with a gay sex tape is dead, aged 29 years old.

Victorian Parliament House overrun by vermin #springst

The magnificent old Victorian Parliament House on Spring Street is undergoing renovations which have dislodged a mischief of mice and/or a pack of rats which the Legislative Council president Bruce Atkinson has said requires urgent action.

Public transport lobby opposes making service cheaper for outer suburban residents #springst

You’d think a lefty public transport group would support moves to make it less expensive for outer suburban travellers to use the service. Think again.

Daniel Bowen, a much-quoted spokesdude for the Public Transport Users Association in Melbourne, even managed …

GREENSPARTY’S WATERGATE: Hip and cool WikiLeaks party set to swoop on ethically challenged Greensparty

Criminal charges for a senior Greensparty honcho, Fraser Brindley, over the illegal penetration of a rival political party's computers, will make it very difficult indeed for the party to pretend it's the moral superior of other parties. With looming threats like the WikiLeaks party set to pick at their carcass after three years of being closely connected with an unpopular federal Labor government, things aren't looking good for once idealistic enviro-party in the post Bob Brown era.

FARRAH FORCED IT: Journalist burned confidential ministerial source, leaving Andrew McIntosh a smouldering ruin

Feisty Fairfax factotum Farrah Tomazin clumsily divulged the identity of a confidential source, causing a senior Victorian Liberal minister to resign. Should she also resign? Many in Spring Street think her goose is cooked.

TURN IT DOWN: Grouchy Greensparty Senator attacks live-music because she can hear it in her office

The Greensparty pretend to be on thing but are actually something else entirely. They pretend to campaign in favour of live-music to connect with its mostly young fans. But what they do and say in private betrays them as selfish, intolerant and hypocritical.


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