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UGLY: Fin Review plays race card on Obeid

If Eddie Obeid broke the law, he should be punished. But the guilt-by-association frenzy that swirls around the former NSW MP is getting very, very ugly, substantially fed by NSW ICAC headline addicts.

In today’s supposedly respectable Financial Review, their …

CHEAP SEATS: VEXNEWS know-alls tell Dr Denis how to cure what ails government

The new Victorian Premier Denis Napthine made some important changes but missed a few important ones.

WHY TED FLED: The faction master fell on his sword to put the knife into his foes

As the dust settles on the most bizarre week in Victorian politics since Kennett lost the 1999 election most expected him to win easily, a clearer picture emerges of why the Premier of Victoria left. His successor said he left because there was deteriorating support, but there's more to it than that. The former party president who never let go of being a factional warrior chose the timing he did, in large part, to shaft his factional rivals who were supporting Matthew Guy.

SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY: First it was Buswell & Carles, now WA Greensparty shows Liberals How-To-Vote lerv

Despite pretending to be a party of principle, the Greensparty in WA have been caught out in what their supporters and Labor critics see as a sleazy preference swap with their supposed conservative adversaries. How many Greensparty voters will actually follow a How-To-Vote card that preferences Liberal will be interesting to watch but in any event, it is all enough to remind us of one of VEXNEWS biggest yarns when we exposed the indecent liaison between then Greensparty MP Adele Carles and heavy-hitting Liberal, then WA Treasurer Troy Buswell. Good times...

RED TED: Baillieu’s demise and Napthine’s rise shows that VEXNEWS is wise, reckon Tweeps

Red Ted's reign dead. Chavez gone. Dodgy censorship bid struck down. It's all happening. And as some Tweeters pointed out, in relation to the rise of Napthine, VEXNEWS tipped this. We're not so sure about all that, but we'll take all the praise we can. Click for the latest carnage on Spring Street.

ADMIN FURY: Liberal party director Damien Mantach could be next to be boned over Tristan Weston

Tony Nutt will be boned as Premier's chief-of-staff by new Premier Denis Napthine, most Liberal insiders believe. If not he'll be certainly visiting the problems of the dying days of the Baillieu show upon his own. Party sources tell VEXNEWS that party director Damien Mantach faces a very hostile meeting tonight of their Administrative Committee. Some think he'll be sacked too.

NT government in crisis while spinners at home tossing Greek salad #ntpol

The NT government is having more leadership turmoil although not everyone has got the memo:

A government spokesman told AAP he had not heard any reports of number counting going on for the leadership.

“To the very best of my …

“I’M A BLOODY AXE MURDERER”: Baillieu’s chief-of-staff complains about VEXNEWS on secret audio recordings

Tony Nutt, Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu's Chief of Staff, reckons VEXNEWS has presented him as a "bloody axe murderer." That's not quite right but the fact that our publication looms so large in private political discussions among all parties is a powerful acknowledgement of what VEXNEWS has achieved in breaking the news that shakes the nation.

TOUGH TERRITORY: In politics, winning can be just the start of trouble

For all but the best, in politics, you can go from hero to zero at light-speed. Most Australian governments are in serious political trouble despite our economy - for now - seen by outsiders as a shining beacon of prosperity in a financial-crisis recovering world.

Bob Ellis on Labor’s NSW Right #auspol

While incorrectly ascribing former NSW minister Ian Macdonald to the NSW Right, Bob Ellis does make a good argument about the moral panic surrounding them and NSW Labor generally at the moment.

He writes:

The New South Wales Right gave


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