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“Child safety” bureaucrats unleash sex predator foster child on family, then blame the kids he raped

Queensland bureaucrats paid to look after child safety unleashed a troubled teen sex predator foster child – without warning the foster parents – on a family and are now defending litigation brought by his victims on the basis it was

A CASEY OF HATE: Local councillor Sam Aziz attacks Islam and invites fiery preacher Danny Nalliah to address council

Sam Aziz, a local councillor in Melbourne's notorious Casey council, has told journalists that Islam is horrifying and appears to have pre-judged his opposition to proposals for a mosque. He's also trying to liven up the occasionally Fight Club style theatrics of the Kath 'n' Kim council with a shock plan to invite anti-Muslim fanatic preacher Danny Nalliah to address the council. What could possibly go wrong?

WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS? Both sides of politics have had a gutful of Victoria’s shonk Ombudsman

Victoria's discredited Ombudsman George Brouwer is playing politics again, this time writing a letter to Premier Ted Baillieu and leaking it prior to the Premier even being able to reply. Is this reasonable conduct for a supposedly politically independent statutory officer of the Parliament? He really is a disgrace.

MAKING US RALPH: Horny old loser Ralph Blewitt’s lengthy custodial sentence could starve Asian sex industry

VEXNEWS exposé of the PM's principal embezzlement conspiracy theory promoter, Ralph Blewitt, as a "sex predator" has gained further national attention, this time in News Limited Sunday newspapers which have also revealed that his supposed partner-in-crime Bruce WIlson has said she nothing about it. Meanwhile, because it offers readers more pleasure than even dirty dog Ralph could get from a lithe young Balinese lady and a bottle of baby oil, we give Blewitt a fair old kicking and reprise past slimings while contemplating what the old goat appears not to have given much thought: that confessing to serious crimes could get you a serious custodial penalty.

Humourless Les Twentyman’s war on free speech

Self-promoting ego-maniac Les Twentyman didn’t enjoy this old compilation of old stories about his notorious misadventures very much so he demanded Youtube remove it from its server.

For reasons they have not explained they complied with his cruel attack on …

RATEPAYERS RIPPED: Infamous Casey council loses $3 million in failed footy pokies scheme

Victoria's most notorious local council, the City of Casey, has lent $3 million of ratepayers' money to a football club for a pokies venture that failed. There's next to no chance the money will be repaid, with the Herald Sun reporting the club is on the verge of financial collapse.

FERAL GOES LEGAL: CFMEU boss revs up Rolls Royce lawyer to sue Tony Abbott

CFMEU union boss John Setka is officially paid about $100K per annum. And yet he's able to indulge in the rich man's pastime of hiring the best QC money can buy to sue a politician for slagging him off. Either Setka's a financial genius or there are questions that union members will want answered about his source of funds.

A vote for Alex Greenwich in Sydney is a vote for NIMBY policies that entrench privilege

Alex Greenwich, the lefty Clover Moore backed independent expected to win the state Sydney by-election, is a less progressive choice for Labor voters than a Liberal argues Labor’s Cassandra Wilkinson.

WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE: Disgraced Liberal ex-MP Andrew Olexander still going for the Green

OlexanderNotorious former Liberal MP Andrew Olexander continues to give his love to the Greensparty, this week pledging to support their candidates in City of Melbourne council elections despite being on a $60,000 parliamentary pension for life courtesy of his …

VOLCANIC MAGNER: Serial Greensparty candidate Damian Magner explodes in denial over Greens council endorsement

Northern suburbs Greensparty apparatchik Damian Magner exploded at a Banyule council pre-poll voting facility this week, furiously denying any connection with the increasingly on-the-nose extreme-left ostensibly environmentalist party. Locals say he's a neighbourhood Pol Pot.


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