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L PLATES: VEX despicably denounced by Age zoophile suspect with car canard

It probably won't surprise VEXNEWS readers to learn that many of those currently in the employ of the disgraced Health Services Union leadership are inclined to lie on occasion. When those lies are about our beloved publisher, naturally The Age is all over them like one of the rashes that once spread through the HSU office with itchy speed.

CSIRO attacks freedom, sacking worker for using company car to get Macca’s

CSIRO boned a worker for misusing his company car in that he stopped at a Macca’s drive-thru on the way home from work….…

THE CHILLING TRUTH: Ralph Blewitt raped his sister

Ralph Blewitt, the main accuser attacking the PM in an embezzlement conspiracy theory that has attracted substantial media interest, has himself been accused by his sister of raping her when she was a child, in an interview that was partly broadcast but sanitised for defamation reasons by the Seven Network. It is probably best for everyone the sex predator has fled back to Malaysia.

NO-NAME: Stat dec accusing PM of getting $5K cash was illegally sworn by anono-lawyer

In all the excitement for hunting down the imagined criminal past of the Prime Minister, it appears laws may have been broken. Tsk. Tsk.

SHOWER-SCENE PSYCHO EXPOSED: Dirty old perv Ralph Blewitt cannot wash away his filthy past

Relying on Ralph Blewitt as an authoritative source on anything is looking less sensible by the day. VEXNEWS can now reveal the sordid reason why his ex-wife loathes him: she caught him watching his teenage step-daughter in the shower.

HAMAS FINDS A FIEND: ACT union rabble-rouser Kim Sattler denounces Abbott as “raving Zionist”

ACT Uinions boss and riot-initiator Kim Sattler seems to think "Zionist" is an insult. We have a few insults for her.

HSU bully Marco Bolano ordered by court not to stalk or harass campaign rival #auspol

Herald Sun (off-line) today reports that notorious HSU bully-boy Marco Bolano is in hot water after a violent incident at Frankston Hospital. A Magistrate has ordered that he not stalk or harass his campaign rival Diana Asmar or be within …

Courier-Mail assistant editor slams Gillard embezzlement conspiracy theory as “smear” #auspol

Paul Syvret

via Paul Syvret, an assistant editor and columnist at News Limited’s Courier-Mail in Brisbane, has condemned the “grubby and nasty” “smear campaign” against PM Gillard over claims she was involved in an embezzlement conspiracy twenty years ago with

Fairfax’s Mark Baker chums up sleazy PM accuser Ralph Blewitt #auspol

The leftist crook kicked out in the early 1990s by the current moderate leadership of the AWU insists he was an honest thief who was “only obeying orders.”

FERAL GOES LEGAL: CFMEU boss revs up Rolls Royce lawyer to sue Tony Abbott

CFMEU union boss John Setka is officially paid about $100K per annum. And yet he's able to indulge in the rich man's pastime of hiring the best QC money can buy to sue a politician for slagging him off. Either Setka's a financial genius or there are questions that union members will want answered about his source of funds.


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