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PM’s accuser denounced by former colleagues as untrustworthy, lying “sexist pig” #auspol

RalphblewittThe PM’s accuser, former lefty union official Ralph Blewitt, previously revealed by VEXNEWS as an ugly Australian sex tourist operating in Asia, was denounced by then colleagues as a “sexist pig,” “complete imbecile,” “stooge,” “useful idiot (by himself),” “liar,” untrustworthy …

CFMEU shames itself with cancer centre blockade #springst #auspol

The CFMEU Construction division’s infinite capacity to alienate now has it blockading the construction of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre. After a fair bit of dithering, the Victorian government realises now it’s on a good thing politically by ensuring the

SUSPECT: HSU so-called “whistleblower” Kathy Jackson subject of fraud investigation

While knowing she's under investigation for defrauding HSU union members, disgraced former HSU East official Kathy Jackson continues to attack others as corrupt. Fewer and fewer people believe a word she says but the day of reckoning is not far off with a Police probe and possble lawsuits from new leadership of the union targeting her multi-million dollar fortune for the recovery of looted funds.

SLAVE-DRIVER: Bad boss Greensparty MP Adam Bandt implicated in unpaid staff scandal

The Greensparty's workplace relations spokesman Adam Bandt talks a good game on workers' rights but in his own electorate office, he has been ruthlessly exploiting unpaid staff in violation of the Fair Work Act.

HSU SCANDAL: Fair Work Australia president cracks down on corruption, delay

The poor performance of HSU boss Kathy Jackson’s lover Michael Lawler – the Vice-President of Fair Work Australia – is believed to be the catalyst for a new code of conduct introduced by the President of FWA.

FWA sources have …

GREEDY: Obscene HSU salaries approved in review by Kathy Jackson’s mate Beth Jensen

Remember Kathy Jackson's $270K salary, which even she admitted was obscene? Turns out the "external report" paid for by union members to justify the 100%+ increases was written by her mate Beth Jensen, the wife of her long-time lawyer and family friend David Langmead.

ON THE BRINK: HSU East could be insolvent after years of looting

HSU East staff fear that even with a court-appointed Administrator that the union branch is insolvent and that staff entitlements are at risk after years of mismanagement and theft by its leadership cabal including national secretary Kathy Jackson.

Knights Lawler and the HSU grail

Remember when VEXNEWS revealed dodgy HSU boss Kathy Jackson’s latest lover Michael Lawler was in Opus Dei prior to his mid-life crisis?.

Turns out his old man Sir Peter Lawler was a very well-regarded fellow from that world, with …

Kathy Jackson paid her latest lover’s children more per hour than HSU members get

HSU boss Kathy Jackson employed the 15-year-old and 17-year-old sons of her latest lover Michael Lawler (a Fair Work Australia Vice-President) for much more per hour than many Victorian HSU members receive, Peter Wicks explores the obscenity. It’s a must-read.

MISS GREEDY: Jackson’s demand for new mega-salary to be refused by sickened HSU members

Time wounds all heels. It took quite some time for justice to catch up with the head of the HSU Jackson crime family but it did. Not only did Federal Court Justice Flick give the union a new start, suspending Jackson and her corrupt cronies, but intrepid investigative reporter Peter Wicks confronted Wacko Jacko outside the court. Naturally, she declined to deal with the serious allegations of impropriety made against her.


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