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WOMANKIND: The nation declares war on breast cancer waving flags of pink while The Age’s Sushi Das makes a stink

The Age's Sushi Das thinks pink stinks and undermines feminism. Tell that to the thousands of young Australians who proudly donned the colour on "Jane McGrath Day" to raise a small fortune to fight one of the biggest and most insidious health threats to Australian women: breast cancer.

CYNDI DAWES: Greens candidate tries to hide extensive links with coal-fired electricity company TXU

The Greens party candidate in Brunswick has gone to great pains to hide her extensive connections with the multinational corporation that controlled one of Victoria's largest coal-burning power stations. Is Cyndi Dawes the coal industry's secret mole within the Greens political party?

HA HA: Vic Liberals put principle first and the extreme-left Greens last

After a gathering storm of grassroots Liberals and courageous MPs spoke up against plans for a preference deal between our principal conservative party and the extreme-left Greens party, Victorian leader Ted Baillieu has listened and acted decisively, putting them last on Liberal How-To-Votes in all 88 state seats.

PAPER TRAIL: Rapke personally signs Karamicov’s divorce-related paper-work

Jeremy Rapke has failed to address the most serious allegations relating to the conduct of his role as Director of Public Prosecutions. Revelations that he'd signed divorce-related paper-work of Diana Karamicov suggests he has a very keen interest in her personal life.

BE AFRAID: As the nation enters the final week of the election, Monday Madness returns

A story so troubling, it had to rest for the weekend. A blow so low that it warranted a three-day promo. VEXNEWS is first with the worst but you'll have to wait til Monday 9AM.

THE AGE OF ERRONEOUS: Age reports shooting by cop as cop shot

The Age is so quick to see the sin of others and yet engages in all manner of deception to cover up their errors and falsehoods. We explore their most recent atrocity, in the interests of freedom.

NICK OFF: Liberal spokesman attacks Victoria Police for being racist

A Victorian Liberal frontbencher Nick Kotsiras has accused Victoria Police of being racist and demands the state government give cultural sensitivity a higher priority.

A TALE OF TWO LEFTIES: Why Catherine Deveny is a real worry and John Faulkner makes us proud

Lefty comedian Catherine Deveny. Lefty Defence Minister John Faulkner. Their views about the men and women who died and risked and continue to everything to defend Australian freedom couldn't differ more.

CRISIS: Fairfax sacks 30 Tullamarine printers

Media insiders say Fairfax troubles seem to be without end: This week Fairfax sacked their entire day shift of printers at the Tullamarine plant. This amounts to around 30 people. Evidently they have rationalised their entire printing work-flow so that …

FOOLISH: Brumby under fire for leaving pedophiles with more legal rights than local councillors and workers

The Brumby government has been accused of leaving pedophiles and murderers more legal rights than local councillors and their staff.


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