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DOUBLE TROUBLE: Australia could have two elections within six months

If the Coalition wins the next election, and Labor blocks their attempt to repeal the carbon tax, we'll probably have another federal election within six months of the change of government. We're in for a wild ride.

EWE NOT EWW: ABC dines out on Christopher Pyne’s clean mind

When Liberal flamboyant federal front-bencher Christopher Pyne referred to the Prime Minister being "eaten out" he didn't mean what dirty-minded ABC viewers and listeners imagined he did. Just as well he's not a cunning linguist. He says he was referring to ewe but many were left saying "eww."

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: HSU disaffiliates from ALP

In a shock move, the troubled Health Services Union has disaffiliated from the ALP.

LIES OF LEW: Billionaire blames builder for land theft but Krongold denies all

The Lew crime family was busted by authorities for stealing public land earlier this year. Now the local council has ordered Sol Lew drain and demolish the illegally constructed infinity pool and rehabilitate the native grasses destroyed by Lew's looting. VEXNEWS reveals today for the first time who built the pool and that the Lew family's PR strategy of blaming them could massively backfire.

RESULTS: Vic Liberal ballot final results

The formally declared results from recent Victorian Liberal State Council, naturally days after VEXNEWS had reported them.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Liberal Party of Australia (Vic Div)
Date: 31 May 2011 18:00
Subject: State Council AGM
To: Sophie Mirabella …

COMPETITION LICKED: Vexnews scores Royal Mail stamp of approval

AUSTRALIAN web patriot Andrew Landeryou will be honoured on a British postage stamp. The VEXNEWS chief, who has been liken to a young Rupert Murdoch or an much older Robert Maxwell, will be seen an a limited edition “first class” stamp soon to be released by the Royal Mail. The stamp will honour Landeryou for his unrelenting promotion of freedom and merciless upholding of public morals and standards through his popular VEXNEWS.com web site.

WOMANKIND: The nation declares war on breast cancer waving flags of pink while The Age’s Sushi Das makes a stink

The Age's Sushi Das thinks pink stinks and undermines feminism. Tell that to the thousands of young Australians who proudly donned the colour on "Jane McGrath Day" to raise a small fortune to fight one of the biggest and most insidious health threats to Australian women: breast cancer.

CYNDI DAWES: Greens candidate tries to hide extensive links with coal-fired electricity company TXU

The Greens party candidate in Brunswick has gone to great pains to hide her extensive connections with the multinational corporation that controlled one of Victoria's largest coal-burning power stations. Is Cyndi Dawes the coal industry's secret mole within the Greens political party?

HA HA: Vic Liberals put principle first and the extreme-left Greens last

After a gathering storm of grassroots Liberals and courageous MPs spoke up against plans for a preference deal between our principal conservative party and the extreme-left Greens party, Victorian leader Ted Baillieu has listened and acted decisively, putting them last on Liberal How-To-Votes in all 88 state seats.

PAPER TRAIL: Rapke personally signs Karamicov’s divorce-related paper-work

Jeremy Rapke has failed to address the most serious allegations relating to the conduct of his role as Director of Public Prosecutions. Revelations that he'd signed divorce-related paper-work of Diana Karamicov suggests he has a very keen interest in her personal life.


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