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CLASHED: Thornley and his spin-doctors at odds over Israel

loadedgaza The left-wing affiliated PR firm EMC used by arguably corrupt former Labor MP Evan Thornley to spin for him has commissioned an absurdly biased survey question[pdf] that falsely denigrated Israel.

EMC began life as a communications house for a number of ultra left-wing unions and spent like bandits running the ACTU’s highly effective anti-Workchoices campaign. While Thornley made much of his support for Israel while scouting for business opportunities – in a manner now widely seen as venal if not illegal – during his term as Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier in the Victorian Government.

Thornley has been using the firm’s legendary ball-breaker, Liz Lukin, who studied subtlety and grace at well-known charm school the CFMEU, and the more genteel, caring and sharing Shannon Walker to spin for the Labor traitor after he reached for a bazooka and shot off his political foot earlier in the year.

The firm engaged by Thornley EMC asked respondents in an online survey “Should Israel have taken military action in Gaza or should it have tried to find a diplomatic solution?”

Not surprisingly most folks favour diplomatic solutions to everything.

The problem with the question is that Israel has constantly been pursuing diplomatic and many other non-military solutions to the problem politely not mentioned by EMC’s survey: that Hamas has been waging war by missile against a large and growing part of Israel.

Indeed, just this one article published last year by the Palestinian lovin’ Chinese government, confirms the truth about the magnitude of Israel’s diplomatic efforts and Hamas’s unwillingness to negotiate:

â–  Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas held biweekly meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Olmert

■  “A spokesman for Hamas on Saturday said negotiations with Israel is out of the question and the Islamic movement will never recognize “the enemy.” The spokesman, Ismail Radwan, also slammed negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. “We are not thinking of trying the ridiculous negotiations that the others have tried but failed to remove a single checkpoint in West Bank,” he said. Radwan added that “the Zionist enemy must depart and recognize the Palestinian people’s rights.”

VEXNEWS understands that EMC are charging Thornley a retainer of $10,000 a month for “media management” and preparing for what promises to be a spectacular press conference when he returns to “explain himself” following demands to do so from former Labor Senator Robert Ray, Acting Premier Rob Hulls and even the Left’s Gavin Jennings. Thornley is well known for nit-picking bills from professional services firms, so he might yet extract some revenge on the pro-Hamas drones at EMC when it comes time to dust off his chequebook.


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  1. Looks like a typical poll you pay for. Work out the result you want then do the data crunching.

    Posted by Anonymous | January 14, 2009, 9:58
  2. Thornley should pay them nothing.

    Posted by Anonymous | January 14, 2009, 10:53
  3. What’s new? Anyone watching Sky News Agenda on a Monday afternoon for the last year will have previously seen Bob Brown sycophant Ben Oquist for EMC (before his return to the land of Brown) sprouting these polls on a regular basis, however they have in the past been loaded which such questions as: “Who do you think is most to blame for the global financial crisis? Greedy financial institutions, Irresponsible borrowers, President Bush, The War in Iraq?” You would think you could expect more from reportedly “credible” organisation than the use of terms such as greedy and irresponsible in their questioning, although , as you say, this is the same mob ran the anti-WorkChoices campaign, so making stuff up is nothing new for them. I don’t know what is more unfortunate, the fact that Sky has been reporting these polls as news for so long, or that that Vexnews has only caught onto this tripe now that it is attacking the just actions that Israel is engaging in.

    Posted by Trent from Punchy | January 14, 2009, 11:49
  4. Sky News and EMC – both as dubious as each other.

    Get rid of that left wing lacky David Speers. His bias would male that ABC proud.

    Posted by Anon | January 14, 2009, 12:52
  5. Whats wrong with normal people asking for a diplomatic solution?

    Posted by Anonymous | January 14, 2009, 16:16
  6. Nuke em. Nuke em all.

    Posted by Anonymous | January 14, 2009, 16:22
  7. If they are connected to the CMFEU you can bet half a penny they are corrupt as houses. Many CFMEU delegates are beneficiaries of sweet heart deals and the like.

    Posted by Pay the retainer | January 14, 2009, 22:03
  8. you are wrong to call China “Palestinian loving”. China and Israel have very close relations and China favours a two-state solution which guarantees Israel’s security. Israeli friends in Beijing tell me that Chinese admire Israel as a small country that always defeats its enemies, and admire Jews as “just like Chinese” – they get rich wherever they go.

    Posted by China Traveller | January 16, 2009, 14:08


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