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CLUB WELL FED: Both sides of the aisle should be shamed for supping with Syrian supremacists

Until recently when the odium of Syria’s government mass-murdering its own people got too much, many Club Well Fed MPs had no problems supping with Syria. A VEXNEWS investigation has uncovered a treasure trove of photographs of some of our most senior politicians, including three Prime Ministers Gillard, Rudd and Howard who kissed up to one of the world’s most evil regimes.

The discovery gives rise to the serious question what on earth was such a large number of Australia’s political elite doing endorsing the heinous ‘Assads’ diplomatic operation in this country?

Sharman Stone, Brendan Nelson, Helen Coonan, John Howard, Alex Downer, Tim Fischer, Kay Hull, Fran Bailey, Andrew Robb, Bronwyn Bishop, Tories all, felt sufficiently at peace with one of the world’s worst regimes that they felt free to go to a multitude of Embassy functions.

The highest ranking current one in the Coalition is Warren Truss, the prospective Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

Labor’s no better, the current PM, her two predecessors as parliamentary Leader Kim Beazley, Kevin Rudd, Laurie Ferguson, the otherwise strongly-performing former Industry minister Kim Carr, Bill Shorten’s predecessor Bob Sercombe, Chris Hayes and the free-feed enthusiast Steven Georganas were all in on the act.

Earlier this week we looked at the shameless exploits of soon-to-be senior Queensland minister Lawrence Springborg who visited the country, meeting some of its most senior ministers and at least one chief of Police, responsible for maintaining law and order for the regime. It’s one thing to accept their largesse, the most worrying aspect is how privately enthusiastic Springborg is about the regime. Nauseating stuff.

This is not a partisan issue, both sides of politics appear not to get it.

The answer lies in the kind of moral complacency introduced by Tim Fischer’s pioneering mercantilist Arabism. Leaping from the Nationals’ frontbench, the virus seem spread to the Liberals and the Labor Party. All should have known better.

Especially disheartening is the lack of moral leadership from the leader of the Nationals and future Deputy PM, Warren Truss. The National party has to evolve behind being obsequious not whichever country imports our wheat and sheep. And as it turns out, Syria doesn’t buy much of our stuff anyway. We should show them the door until their government stops murdering its own people.

For just over a year, the Arab Republic of Syria has been maiming, shelling, torturing and mutilating fellow Syrians in order to stop a repeat of the successful regime changes in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya.

The Arab Republic of Syria is the lethal legacy of short-sighted French imperialism, pro-Nazi Ba’athist totalitarianism, Soviet patronage and Alawite sectarianism.

The remarkable story of Alawite and the Assads’ dominance of both the Syrian Ba’athists and Syria is superbly outlined by Daniel Pipes in his well-known essay. The narrative includes how the French-mandated Etat des Alaouites that would eventually be incorporated into a volatile greater Syria, how the ‘Alawites overwhelms the Ba’athist movement; and how the Assad’s captured central control following the aborted 1970 Black September intrigue to overthrow Hashemite Jordon.

No dissent has been brooked for decades and today it is Russian diplomacy and Iranian expertise that ensures this criminal regime will survive the Arab Spring.

Syria’s despotism has long been established. As lefty British journalist Nick Cohen has rightly pointed out, Syria is the Middle Eastern state most accurately worthy of the appellation of ‘apartheid’. As the most sectarian of the world’s dictatorship, ruled solely by and for the ‘Alawite minority, a heterodox offshoot of Shi’a Islam, it appears to be the good form of apartheid certified by the Heart of False Compassion Foundation.

After all, Syria is impeccably anti-Zionist and anti-American ‘rejectionist’. As an anti-Western bulwark, and therefore in the hobgoblins of petty ideology, Syrian Ba’athism is considered a positive force in geopolitics by those shrieking ‘Death to America’. In March last year, ‘anti-war’ protester and former UK MP, George Galloway, inelegantly represents these views:

Syria is the shoe which didn’t drop. And I have a theory for that. The Syrian regime is authoritarian, no doubt, freedoms personal and political, are, of course, scant, it is a one party state, and the father in this case successfully handed over power to the son. So on one level it is a candidate [for an uprising]. And yet it has not. And what is the reason for that? Well, here is my theory: the government of Syria for a long time has pursued a policy of Arab-ness. Of Arab nationalism, of Arab dignity, of support for the Palestinian cause, material support, material support for the resistance, rejection for the foreign occupation of Iraq. And a refusal to bow before the foreign powers.

Left wing stupidity is easy to find, of course – just turn Radio National on and wait ten minutes!

It is, however, inexcusable that that Arabists – usually motivated about expanding agricultural markets – among those in Club Fed have so easily deluded themselves by supping with diplomatic arm of a such a brutal administration.

All this sycophantic rubbing of shoulders occurred against the background of AWB scandal to sell Australian wheat to Ba’athist Iraq, Syria’s sister state until its overthrow in 2003.

Senior Club Fed representatives would not form or join the parliamentary friendship groups of Myanmar or the Islamic Republic of Iran.

So why do so many of our leaders formally express their friendship with the criminal regime of Syria?

Assad is bringing hell on earth to Syria. Can Club Fed credibly stand up to the Caligula of Damascus and in favour of the surprisingly effective Free Syrian Army having fed itself to the brim on Embassy baklava and lining their pockets with trinkets from the Assad family?


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  1. Better to have the Syrians fighting each other than uniting under the muslim moon and warring with the West.

    Posted by Anonymous | March 23, 2012, 1:35
  2. I am very disappointed you have not been able to attack either the Greens or Rob Oakeshott in this article

    Posted by the Insider | March 23, 2012, 8:48
  3. Why pick on Syria? The State Labor Government shafted Brimbank by overthrowing our elected Council, replacing them with a 3 person dictatorship that are doing nothing but running our City into the dumbs. Selling out on planning and lots of other isues, taking no notice of what the Ratepayers like to see for our City.

    Posted by Taliban fan | March 23, 2012, 13:02
  4. Well done, Andrew and Nick with those spinning photos … v funny!
    Lowenstein goes to Syrian Government nosh-ups and then denounces Israel… he is a despicable creature …. nothing like a self hating know-it-all when it comes to stupidity. Why do anti-Zionists need to ingratiate themselves to dictators unless they support dictatorships!?

    Posted by wtf? | March 23, 2012, 13:40
  5. Doesn’t the Labor party have pro Syrian branches? Don’t both taliban and shortcon controlled council’s fund pro-Syrian groups? Andy your Labor party sure is a broad church.

    Posted by broad church | March 23, 2012, 16:27
  6. The Allawi are a freedom loving group and should not be linked to Syria. the are a group in Lboar who have enjoyed support from the socialist left. But they have recently seen the errors of their ways and joined the conroy grouping in a an effort to rid scullin of leftists….

    Posted by freedom lovers | March 23, 2012, 17:24
  7. Only one way to sort this bring back George Seitz he would never do this

    Posted by Anonymous | March 23, 2012, 17:36
  8. Oh no now everyone knows I’m dishonest.

    Posted by Peter Ryan | March 23, 2012, 18:09
  9. NO western intervention into Syria let them fight continue fighting amongst themselves the less trouble they will cause their neighbors.

    Posted by Michael Burd | March 23, 2012, 22:20
  10. Andy, you forgot to mention Kelvin Thomson!!!!! I’ll send you the DVD where Kelvin, Kim and other Federal and State MP’s were clapping for the Syrian Ambassador who was justifying why Iran should continue with its nuclear program

    Posted by exposing our MP's soon | March 25, 2012, 4:34
  11. And so that is how it ends for right wing Labor governments who are hell bent on selling out blue collar workers. Less than 10 seats in QLD.

    Ludwig has already admitted that Labor is doomed in QLD with Julia.

    The newly amalgamated SDA and ShortCon right faction – should be renamed the ‘United Shaheed’ faction. They are hell bent on a self-indulgent form of martydom at the next election where Labor will be wiped out.

    Posted by anon | March 25, 2012, 8:35
  12. The QLD result shows vexnews has been on the money about Labor. Andy rightly labelled the Federal ALP cause lost some time ago.

    The Labor Federal Government is heading for the same treatment from a public that have no patience for lying leaders whether it be about asset sales or the carbon tax.

    It is about trust – and there is little trust for Labor in any state outside of Victoria.

    When will the Victorian-dominated Federal cabinet wake up and smell the roses?

    Posted by vex on the money | March 25, 2012, 8:43
  13. The fish bowl politics of national Labor mean they cannot see past their own insular world.

    Conducting a national smear campaign against a popular Labor leader was not smart.

    This meant more damage to the national Labor brand (I note that vexnews was an enthusiastic but barely relevant participant too).

    Hanging onto an unpopular labor leader was even dumber.

    Posted by FISH BOWL POLITICS | March 25, 2012, 8:48
  14. After NSW and QLD state elections the Brumby defeat is starting to look like a bloody good effort.

    All is forgiven Nick Reeece and Kosmos.

    Posted by Labor's love lost | March 25, 2012, 8:50
  15. Let’s not rewrite history. Brumby would have won by 2 or 3 seats if the strategy of the brilliant Stephen Newnham were applied in 2010.

    Newnham has showed that isolating and attacking the Greens is the only way to defeat them.

    The proof of this strategy can be seen in the brilliant result in the state seat of Northcote where the Greens were crushed and the continuing Labor domination of Darebin Council under the careful guidance of David Asmar and Stephen Newnham.

    Why doesn’t Federal Labor work with clear campaign winners like Asmar and Newnham and drop losers like Nicky Reece.

    Posted by Back some winners | March 25, 2012, 8:57
  16. Good to see your labor unity mates still attacking the Brumby faction for the defeat in Victoria.

    Dis your people learn anything from Brimbank and the loss of a state government?

    Your blind internal factionalism is one thing but putting on display in the media is another whole level of stupidity.

    Where is the unity in Labor unity?

    Posted by UNITY PLEASE | March 25, 2012, 9:00
  17. You gotta admire those wanting to knock of kelvin thompson…they will smear him with Syrian functions but no doubt use pro-syrian branch stacks to unseat him….bewdiful…

    Posted by labor fan | March 25, 2012, 10:51
  18. ***we looked at the shameless exploits of soon-to-be senior Queensland minister Lawrence Springborg***


    The shameless, undated, exploits.

    Posted by Byron in Wahroonga | March 27, 2012, 23:53