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Comrades Bramston & Kenny proven right in ‘Cut & Paste’ while lesser mortals are shamed #ausmedia

The PM’s bold attempted circuit-breaker public foreshadowing of the federal election date won much praise from the Canberra Press Gallery at the time.

The Australian’s Cut & Paste column today even-handedly reminds Fairfax and News Limited folk like Dennis Atkins from the Courier-Mail of their January thoughts while not gently reminding all that their NSW ALP Right connected scribe Troy Bramston and their Tory scribe Chris Kenny were both correct in questioning the strategy.

Of course, the greatest risk in life is not taking any, and while the PM’s decision to call the election date so far out probably won’t be replicated any time soon, the thinking behind it, forcing voters to think about what sort of PM Tony Abbott will be, and firing up stakeholders like unions to get into campaign mode, was perhaps not as dunder-headed as it now appears.


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  1. Actually, Gillard was copying NZ PM Key.

    Posted by Political Animal (@PolAnimalAus) | May 8, 2013, 8:44